Story Mission not updating

Hey there, I have had over a dozen potentially game-breaking bugs over the course of my first PC playthrough, could work around most of them, but now I’m stuck. Obviously story spoilers ahead.

First the prerequisites:
I’m using the game on Manjaro, running on Proton.
The game itself runs buttery smooth if it wasn’t for the bugs.

The issue:
I’m at the story mission “Blood Drive” and stuck at the monitor where the twins talk about killing Tannis. The problem is that more than the mission title no further instructions show up anymore and the mission doesn’t progress. How can I solve this without depending on other people? I can’t forever bother the story matchmaking to fix the game’s broken missions.

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Gah, that sux Narf,

The normal solo fixes are;
Exit & relaunch
Fast travel within problem map
Fast travel to Sanctuary III
Load a different character, now reload problem save
Switch missions & complete one
Set Claptrap’s antenna to Umbrella (duh, is there any other choice?)
Sacrifice an echo tape to the Twin Gods
Reduce the FPS (hey, it worked in BL2!)

I did most of those, but nothing worked. I guess I have to try and get someone to help me. But that shouldn’t be necessary honestly as relatively soon the game will be pretty low in population and what should I do then? Until now I had 1 progression blocker in all the Borderlands games and it was the infamous “shield” bug in The Pre-Sequels TVHM. I just switched over to PC and had multiple of those bugs already. It’s really frustrating. Although I can’t say I’m surprised as BL3 isn’t even natively supporting Linux. That’s probably a factor as well.

Yeah, when these happen it sux trying to get them resolved. I’ve seen more than one post about “Blood Drive” so I’m not sure if a forum search would help or just add to your frustration, up to you.

You could try - after you get past the verify & redownload/reinstall first level support (pro tips: make an account on the site, after a few hours of the first response reply with; did all that and still have issue) of course it takes like what 6 minutes to verify files so it is worth doing that part.

Did the Twins video play out completely? I’m trying to remember the exact sequence of events that play out, but basically you’re waiting for Lilith to tell you to go speak to Vaughn. Can you interact with Lilith at all at that point?

It didn’t just play out, after around a minute of pause it starts repeating itself. Don’t know why. Also and I somehow missed that so far, the monitor, that should display, doesn’t display anything, just the blank “screen”.

If you were running on Windows I’d be asking if you had the N version, as this sounds like a playback issue. Since you obviously got past other ‘wait for the video’ moments it must have been working before. So, was there an update to any video/media drivers between when you started the game and when you hit this mission?

No, there was no update that could have interferred. I chose Manjaro for my new PC build, which I literally got 4 days ago, first updated all needed applications as well as the system itself and then installed Borderlands 3 after everything else was said and done. I have now run through the game by joining other people’s games, so my issue is kind of resolved for now, but I will soon go through the story again to level another character, so if this repeats I will have to look up what’s the exact problem.

It could just be that the file download for that specific video clip is mangled. Did you do the ‘Verify files’ thing?

Unfortunately it’s not just those files, but at the very least all those video files (Sanctuary III monitor scenes, regular cutscenes work as intended) from that point onwards, but also it seems that I don’t get the Echo Log icons either. I hear the voiceline (no subtitles though, but that seems to be a common bug on Linux and Windows), but there are no Echo Log Icons showing up.

Also: What kind of “verify files” thing do you mean? I just had to download the game and could then start it after setting a compatibility tool in the Steam settings (in my case Proton 5.0-9).

Steam -Library > Borderlands 3 (right-click properties) locate the “verify games files” button (or something like that, on iPad now)

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Thanks, will do that and report back once the game has been reinstalled, which will take 3 hours for the download.


Well it’s almost 90 GB and my download speed is “just” 50k. Usually that isn’t even an issue as I’m quite patient.

Dude, can totally relate… waiting… sux

Very late reply: I still have the same issues and Steam doesn’t seem to find a problem. Funny enough, but since the reinstall my performance when loading into a map has dropped considerably even though I didn’t change anything. It’s almost as if the game couldn’t load the map correctly. Might be a Shader issue. But I’m calling it a day. A game not running perfectly isn’t an urgent matter, my sleep schedule however is.

Sleep well, and dream of large piles of loot.

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Update for now: Got a boilerplate response from Steam support, but I was at least successful in ironing out some of the performance problems. Somehow dropping some of the settings down to medium hurts my performance (wtf?), but now, with everything back up to Ultra with volumetric fog set to high it runs better. But I didn’t have much time to test things honestly. Still, the performance is not as good as it was before it reinstalled itself, so I don’t know. I will soon stresstest it by running the Maliwan Takedown with some of the more infamous modifiers, but until then I can’t really test anything. The issue with missing images and scenes on the monitor still persists, so I can only hope that I get through my next playthrough with less issues. Or that I can find the files and if they maybe aren’t working correctly.