Story Missions are garbage

The story missions might be the worst thing I ever played in a video game. They are so unbalanced and buggy that I feel like I am playing a new game and it is a early beta with a year or two before release.

The bronze silver and gold don’t even make sense. All it seems to be based on is stupid pick ups. The more you pick up the higher the score.

Some missions are almost impossible to beat on normal single player yet alone advance. I have spent the last few days on the last mission solo on advanced and I fight the end boss and all the mini bosses for a hr and its just a horrible experience.

I will never play a story mission again. I am not even sure I want to play this game again. Such a unpolished game.

Maybe not play advanced Solo? Yea the missions do seem hard soloing as they seem to emphasize highly on a team. But it’s doable just get yourself a good tank aka MONTANA lol.

Defend and Escort missions aren’t fun.

Hoping the 5 new missions aren’t more Defend and Escort missions.


I like the story missions, they could use some more variety tough. Didn’t notice any gamebreaking bugs apart from bad pathfinding.

Boldur in the archive needs an eternity to initiate the experiment in the mission, he is just standing before the stairs to the observatory for like a minute not doing anything and no enemys are in the area


funny, I think they are quite fun. others have beaten it solo and posted threads about it. Instead of making yet another thread complaining about everything, perhaps one of those might offer some guidance.


I been stuck on the last mission the last few days on advanced. I am sure some people have beat it but it seems almost impossible. The mobs touch you and you fly off the map and that is how I end up losing all my lives.

I never felt this about a game. But there is no way I will ever play the last story mission on advanced ever again.

I wanted to go through all the missions and get the unlocks before I went off to play pvp multiplayer. The beta I just played pvp.

Story missions have left a bad taste in my mouth and now I hate this game and hope it goes down in flames.

Paid $20 for possibly 5 more defense and escort torture missions. If you paid me $20 per mission played I wouldn’t even do it now.

I doubt anyone has beat mission 8 on advanced solo without abusing something or a glitch.

I’m actually planning to try it tomorrow.

@hfoca0 claims to have soloed it on HC with Oscar Mike, but not sure if that was advanced (the thread was talking about advanced solo, but the guy did it with Boldur and it sounds pretty awful). There’s a reddit thread with people claiming to have done it with Galilea and Attikus. There are a number of YouTube videos. I imagine Isic would be one of the best choices.

Okay, these story missions are pretty average at best. They aren’t very hard, but they are quite dull and lacking a fun factor.

Me and 1 other friend beat it on advance.
Miko and isic combo is strong af

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The only missions that are problematic are The Renegade, The Archive and The Saboteur, if you play them on advanced with any more than 3 players you will surely fail as the defense points do not scale with more players, I’ve done these three missions on advance with 3 players but never beaten them with 4 or 5.

The Heliophage is stupidly difficult, but it’s supposed to be. Again, play with 2-3 players, if you play with 4-5 the enemies become too strong and spawn so erratically that you’ll be quickly overrun and not complete the first phase in the 23 minute time limit.

It is, ALMOST impossible. I have a friend who completed it solo on advanced with Toby, he helped me in a 3 man, it can be done. Perhaps you need to change your character or your strategy. I like how hard the final boss fight is because it’s so rewarding when you succeed. My best tip would be to isolate Rendain in his final phase under the tunnel on the green islet and focus on nothing but destroying him before the Thrall Brutes reach you, if Thrall Brutes spawn here take him to the large islet where The Gunhulk spawns and fight him atop the stairs. It is frustrating to fail after an hour of grinding but persevere and you will succeed! There are plenty of players who have done it and plenty who still haven’t, find a good team of 2-3 and take Rendain on as a group rather than by yourself then plan your solo attack once you’ve completed it in a team.


It is completable solo. It’s difficult because it’s supposed to be, it’s the final mission and it’s essentially a raid. If it was easy you’d have a lot more people complaining about that on here.

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My only problems with the story are that it feels a little disjointed in its structuring, plus the Saboteur and Heliophage missions have some extremely wonky damage/difficulty scaling when fighting the main boss in each mission. Apart from those 2 issues, I don’t have problems with the story but the MP is another matter and one I’ve already commented on so won’t repeat myself here :slight_smile: .

My problems with Story Mode are

  1. Too short. That’s the biggest problem with the Story Mode to me.
  2. Too many escort and defend missions, considering the amount of total missions.
  3. Some of the characters can easily breeze through missions, while some can’t beat them at all.
  4. Some of the areas, and pretty much the entire Saboteur mission have huge FPS drops, which makes it harder to play in those areas, and to me, the Saboteur mission completely unbeatable considering my PC is pretty average. I can easily play with lower settings without having any problems, but some of the areas just have way too big FPS drops, and the entire Saboteur mission is pretty much one big FPS drop to me.
  1. I don’t see this one as a negative because of the large roster size. I enjoy replaying missions with different characters. Give it a shot.

  2. yeah, true. Kind of odd, really, like different levels were being worked on independently without seeing the big picture.

  3. honestly I think that’s inevitable, unfortunately. Interestingly, there are characters you will be warned against playing solo that do extremely well in PvE missions

  4. I’m convinced the game engine is rendering large areas that aren’t visible. Hopefully that is an easy fix. Would be nice to know they have identified whatever the issue is and are working to fix it

I would like to see timeruns. Hunt an Enemy through the whole level and try to kill him in time while there are waves of waves of minions trying to kill your party. That would be fun. But you’re right guys, escort and defend seems to happen to often in missions. Should have more variety in diffrent missions.

I can’t stand the escort or defend missions. There are way too many and most of the later ones are more frustrating than fun. Where is the variety? It’s hard to believe that these generic missions came from the people who made borderlands.


The solo mode is easy with a great organised team

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But… Wait what?


I like the missions personally. They are pretty tough and reminds me of Borderlands raids. They can be ridiculous if you pick the wrong Battleborn and have a go at it solo though.