Story missions should be free, and FGU should provide boosts for the party

As the title reads, I believe that it would’ve been a much smarter sales choice to make that part of the game free2play as well. Please keep in mind that I speak as a player who has the Season Pass and the FGU.

The way I see it now is that if a player ever gets the FGU, there never will be a que for them to actually try out the PVE ■■■■■■■ because I personally hardly believe a player buys the FGU just to get to the PVE ■■■■■■■, as they’d rather do it for the PVP ■■■■■■■.

The way you could balance this out and give more incentive to buy FGU and also provide a hellova lot more goodwill, is to attach a booster to the FGU status.

FGU players give 10%(Maybe more) more AccXP and Dropchance to the whole party. This essentailly means that if 5 FGU’s que then there’s a 40% increase.

This would give a free2play player an incentive to buy into the FGU to increase their droprates, get all characters unlocked for the PVE ■■■■■■■ and the multiplayer ■■■■■■■, get better acc-leveling to boost themselves up to Commander Rank 20 and also get better drops on loot.

I will openly admit that I haven’t made any specific studies as I am merely trying to imagine myself in the steps of a free2play player. Like Path of Exiles which let you play through it’s entire campaign for free, whilst having cosmetical additions to your characters and such.

The DLC ■■■■■■■ would naturally still either be locked out, or purchasable via ingame coins. I am merely speaking of the main player campaign. You know, the whole ordeal about Rendain.


You mean the story missions?

Right you are!

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You appear to be missing something. The game is not free-to-play. The free content they released is only the multiplayer for a reason - it’s meant to be a trial, for people to see if they like the game and if they think it’s worth paying for.


What’s FGU?

Full game upgrade


Please keep the title short and clear. You can edit it clicking on the pencil symbol.

Also could you clarify in your OP what you mean by “FGU” - I take that you mean the Sory Missions, but it´s a tad bit confusing.

Ninjad - thanks for clarification.


Which is why I am actually suggesting to make it entirely free to play.

Aside from giving incentive to change the title from trial to actual Free 2 play, it would provide a lot of awesome ■■■■■■■ for players who join freely. It would get them hooked via that awesome ■■■■■■■ and follow up with potential costumers who spend money on the game.

I personally believe that as it stands right now that not many players will have the incentive to actually play the PVE ■■■■■■■. Sure they might have -some- incentive to buy the FGU for the 25 characters but but aside from that - I don’t see them queing any time for PVE. They might try to after they’ve bought FGU but might find themselves looking for a que for ages because all the free2play players have been directed to the Multiplayer section of the game.

Additionally I believe players would have a bigger incentive to buy FGU if they are provided with that boost, along with all the characters to the story with.

I really am not sure how I can shorten it whilst still trying to convey my message. I’ve tried doing a few things but they all seem to miss the core aspect of the thread. Might you have any suggestions? I am stumped.

“Story Missions should be free”

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Wouldn’t that be a bit too controversial? People might disregard the post entirely? But it doesn’t sound bad.

You use the body of your OP to explain your point
@Ganjamira is right about the length of your title

Changed it up. Still too long?

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Perfect :ok_hand:

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This game doesn’t struggle with the PvE, PvE can be played solo or with 1 friend anyway.

There is a reason they made multiplayer a free game mode, because you need whole 10 people for 1 single match and to have low queue times, you need lots of people online at the same time, at the same region.

+No one would buy taunts or even skins if they would only play a PvE, what’s there to taunt? Usually most (all) free onlime multiplayer games have only a multiplayer option, why Battleborn should be different and give players a good PvE? Just buy a game and play, like you buy other 5 hour long titles that cost even more and provide less ■■■■■■■. (Like UBZU for example or Firewatch)


While I don’t agree with unlocking all the ■■■■■■■, they should provide the first or possibly first two story ops as playable. Let them sell themselves. Or at the very least, for this weekend, with the influx of new players, make the first two free.
Once again it comes down to windows of opportunity for success.

Perhaps I did. I apologise, however, I needed to make a point. The devs have stated that the game will not be going free to play. The addition of XP boosts for players in the full game upgrade is next to nothing for the price. The addition of story mode into the Trial would essentially make it free to play, as there would be very little extra ■■■■■■■ available to players who paid for it - and little to no incentive for people already on the free trial to upgrade to the full game.

Edit: As a side note - the DLC they have released (the Operations) are actually purchasable with currency that can be earned in-game. You could get almost the equivalent of the Season Pass without spending a red ■■■■.


The more you give people something for free, the more they start to want something for free even more. And imagine how those new people would yell in the forums when they get to play a few missions for a weekend or several days and then they would not be able to do so. We would see many threads about - "Unlock all teh missions, we want all your content for free, or else we will leave, because … reasons!)


@THaNaToS_J2 beat me to the argument that I was going to make

While I agree with the decision to lock out the story and characters
I think it would have been a good idea to launch the trial with The Algorithm
A trial should reflect a piece of all this wonderful game has to offer and I don’t know if I’d want to buy something without getting a chance to try it first
the first story mission is far and away the best and most fleshed out
And its got ma baby boy in it :blue_heart: and everyone needs a piece of his beautiful nihilistic brilliance