Story missions solo can be stupidly hard?

Yes I’m playing on Advanced, but The Experiment mission just feels like I need other people to play with to finish it. I can try it on Normal but I still feel like trying to defend solo against all the waves then boss and then having to watch 4 different relays, with the health followed over from earlier, is just ridiculous for one person.

None of my friends have bought this game yet as it doesn’t interest them and yes I could play online with randoms, but since you have to vote on the map then there’s no guarantee I’d get to play that episode. I’m also playing through the episodes in order before looking to play with random people, for the same reason as the voting system meaning I could end up playing them all out of sync.

Maybe the difficulty needs tweaking slightly for a person playing the episodes as a solo player?

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I’m pretty good on The Experiment but solo on The Archive as Thorn, OMG!
It’s nuts.

Are you on PS4? We could run through it together, I’m trying to get silver on all the advanced maps so that I can get the final 4 characters of the game. I’m also apart of two Battleborn communities, they could also help you. I’ll send you invites if you want.

Yeah, that one seems not to lend itself to solo. The boss puts out damage in a hurry. (This might be better after the hot fix today). I got through solo advanced heliophage on my first try, but have failed experiment a couple of times.

I’m on PC not PS4 otherwise that would have been cool.

I’ve managed all the other episodes pretty easy as varying characters but The Experiment just seems to have the odds stacked against a solo player. Before heading back to Boldur I went around and collected as many shards as I could so I had pretty much all the defenses up around the area except one, had all my items unlocked and it still wasn’t enough as the health rolls over from after the boss had already pretty much destroyed it from earlier :confused:

I may try it on normal but think I may end up wasting my time though lol.

Edit: I just about managed it on normal difficulty with only a slither of hp left in the bar and got a bronze medal… The first lot are easy to defend against but the boss took it down just over half hp on his own. He’s just chunking bits off while I’m stood there waiting for a stupid suicide bot to spawn to knock it through his shield like.

So when it comes to that last wave and you have to watch all 4 of them with only a quarter hp left then it’s a nightmare!

 I agree with tweaking these a little for solo players! I played one randomly chosen mission with other players and we blazed through quickly but it still felt challenging. Doing it solo was much different.  Granted, I'm still new to the game, but for me even the first mission seemed too difficult and time consuming.  I would love to see a solo-buff/environment de-buff. Or perhaps more difficulty settings before starting a mission. I'm perfectly fine with lower rewards, I just want the option to experience the story in a casual way.  

For me, these are the main considerations:
1: I usually play solo specifically to have a more casual experience. To get away from the social demands and relax.
My experience so far is that it’s much harder when I play alone.

  1. I would like it to be feasible to do all story missions solo…with all characters. (I’m aware that this is asking A LOT…it might involve specific buffs for each character, in solo mode only.)

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I agree, missions aren’t balanced to be of equal difficulty for every hero. But I took it as devs’ deliberate decision that may suggest you to try out different heroes. With a proper chosen hero a mission can be pretty easy.

I just played The Saboteur and it spawns way too many of those flying Varelsi with shields that you have to try and shut down fast while the little grunts run at the point or the big thugs shoot it from way the opposite end of the Varelsi. It’s just an insanely high amount of mobs for one person to manage and if your defenses get destroyed then good luck getting more crystals to get them back!

I thought the same thing about mission 3 using Oscar Mike. Finally beat it last night and then decided to shake it up and try Caldarius on the Archive mission. What a ton of fun that was. I’m not sure I could have beat it with Oscar Mike. Even with Caldarius it still took 56 minutes and the thing I was escorting had a sliver of health left. I don’t how people beat the missions with a melee only character, it just doesn’t seem like it would be possible.