Story Missions Take Too Much Time to Complete on Normal Difficulty

In the PS4 open beta, 4 friends & I completed “The Algorithm” story mission in approx. 3 hours on Normal difficulty. It felt more like a raid than a simple story mission.

We had no idea of how long the mission would last before we started it. We felt that each story mission’s difficulty setting should include an approximate length of time in the description.

Also, we feel that there should be a visual indicator (bar) onthe display screen giving us an idea of how much longer it would take to complete the mission.

Would it be possible to include some story missions that are shorter in duration in the full game?


Moving this to our open beta forum so the team will see it. Thanks for your feedback!

I just realized that I started this thread in the wrong part of these forums.

Could an admin please move this thread to the Battleborn Beta Story/Campaign area?

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It only took my squad of five around 40 minutes to beat it on normal. Were you guys having trouble with certain bosses, parts.

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You are very welcome!

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Yes, we had a lot of trouble with most of the bosses.

Bet if you guys went and did it again, would take y’all much shorter. About figuring out those boss mechanics and getting me down pat.

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For the ISIC boss, you might not have noticed but after bringing down the leg you can take out it’s uhm core, which is located in its sort of pelvic area. It gives all critical hits during that time.

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Im glad they are lengthy. And i beat both in a little over an hour solo.


Same experience as @devyn_stroud and @rush86, took our team about 1 hour in The Algo.

And @timothydtan offers helpfull advice :thumbsup:

I do not mean to be rude but this is a classic “Get Good” situation. I finished with randoms quite easily, boss fights are fun with different mechanics that are not hard to figure out if you have played some mmorpgs or some sort of MP with some type of "raid"like battles.

Checkpoints might be nice. I couldn’t finish before wife came home. God it was fun though.

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Takes me 40min. with Oscar Mike, but with Ghalt i was able to clear it in 30min.

The team designed the maps to be a 30 to 45 min session.

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I assume it didn’t take 3hours in one sitting… .because I know for a fact there’s a time limit around 90mins. (1.5hrs).

I finished it several times today in public server with randoms. Took around 35mins each time.

Yes, you’re probably right & my friends & I will try to repeat “The Algorithm” again & see if it takes us less time.

Yes, this is an important point & we were able to figure this out with some trial & error last night.

That’s impressive & I commend you & your teammates on a job well done.

Any pointers for the rest of us?

I guess it’s a matter of getting used to it.
First time we tried a mission we got wiped, second try went much faster and we succeeded.
At first I thought the level was too difficult but, like I said, once you know what to do, everything becomes smooth as butter.

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One of my friends was playing as Oscar Mike & he saved us from failing the mission by doing this:
in the mission, we’re fighting a giant robotic spider boss & all of us went down except for Oscar Mike & we had no more lives left. By using his cloaking ability & kiting around the map - he was able to stay alive & eventually take down this boss.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that it took us 3 hours in 1 sitting.

I didn’t see any timer in the HUD. Where was this timer located on the HUD?