Story mode advance/harcore, public

Can we get this option, I’m not big on gathering a group of people myself. I prefer randoms, don’t gotta talk to randoms or anything.


The devs have already confirmed that they’re going to add in advanced matchmaking in a patch that’s coming soon.

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Oh snap, thanks mang, did not know this…did they mention a date?

Not specifically.

Minor patches will come weekly on Wednesday/Thursday.
Major patches will come monthly.

Expect a minor patch at the end of this week to start with, but don’t expect big changes like Advanced Public Games.

It makes sense. Right now people are still working their way into being good enough to survive advanced. If they add the option to soon the lobbies will just take forever to fill. When they add them we’ll all be levelled up and ready to take on the challenge. Plus I’m sure like borderlands they’ll add an even harder level eventually. Like how UVHM wasn’t available for the longest time.

Oh that’s such a good news. I don’t think I could have continued playing this game without this option.
I love PVE, but come on, this 2016. Gathering a team by yourself to play advanced difficulty is just so old school. Especially when, like me, you don’t have much time to invest in playing.