Story Mode Glitched

Hey all, I’m stuck in a glitch and have no idea what to do:

I beat the game on someone else’s story, while not having the story completed myself. I got to the Talon of God quest and the game asked me if I wanted to skip ahead or continue. I chose continue and went around doing a few sidequests before stopping. Today I loaded up my game and it asked me if I wanted to continue on Normal or TVH mode. I chose normal because of the Talon quest still active. When I loaded in, a side quest was the only active quest and I was in the end game part. I never got to beat the game and thats where I’m at.

On the character select screen it still says that my normal mode main is on the Talon of God quest.

Any suggestions?

IIRC once you’ve beaten the game in any mode, the main story mission remains stuck at “Talon of God”. Since you have TVHM available to you, I suggest you start TVHM. Note that all your gear, skills, stats, etc. carry over into TVHM,

Plus, you can always drop back into NVHM if there are unfinished side quests or DLCs you’d like to visit (or you just want an easier route to farm eridium).

Thanks. I was afraid of that.

Afraid of what? You already completed all the missions and got all the XP - you didn’t technically lose anything by skipping forward in your solo play since it’s all the same save. Because of the way the Borderlands games are set up, you can only earn mission XP and rewards once per mission/quest per character per mode.

If you should want to experience everything solo, keep a save specifically for that - call it “Axton Solo” (or whoever you’re playing).

Note that on any save, you can switch between modes by hitting the character select button at the main game menu, selecting your save, and then choosing the mode.

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