Story Mode Glitches / Bugs

First game on the Sentinel I played as Reyna and i was able to knock the grand Sentinel off the edge by my ULT.
Second game the Grand Sentinels (Foot) was stuck on the ledge where he gets the regen from the shards. He kept pivoting his body around in a circle and while getting close to shoot / mele him it was a like a force field trying to keep you away throwing you off a few feet away or to your death.

Next Story mode Glitches I occurred was on the Saboteur. The boss somehow got glitched on the top right fire trap whenever his over-shield first came online. Took a few minutes of spamming him to knock him off it but caused all of our team mates to lose pretty much all our health due to being too close to him.

excuse the poor grammar / sentence structure at work rushing to post this on the interwebs. Also didn’t see a glitch / bug section in the forums so i posted it on the campaign discussion feed.


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I was playing as Deande, and the Conservator in The Void’s Edge couldn’t tell the difference between my clone and I and left both of us in the void… It was awkward.

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Yup. I’ve been there as well. forgot about that. i just kept running around waiting for my team to finish off the boss.

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Question about being left in Void Space: Could you run to the edge, die, and respawn outside of Void Space? I know if you run far enough in a direction, you screen starts to turn grey. I assume this is the edge of the area and going too far out will kill you like falling into a bottomless pit, never really tried running far enough myself.

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Nope. No edges. keeps going and going. I tried but gave up running after awhile.

Well, I would say that is poor design choice, but I don’t think anyone expected this to happen in the first place. Maybe there are edges there when you are suppose to be in Void Space fighting off verelsi (only reason I can think of for the screen turning grey, will have to test it), but once that phase is over, the entire area is probably considered “Out of Bounds” and there isn’t any fails safes for people getting out of bounds. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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Multiple occurrences of this now…

On The Sentinel
The trap area where the rams are pushing from the sides.
The Thrall in the area below often have no AI, they just stand down there and let you thump on them.

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i know pvp is their main concern but i’m surprised these are still here that and the bug in voids edge where wolf gets stuck after breaking the door. thats been here since beta. i know your getting hit hard by everyone @JoeKGBX and i don’t expect you to wave a magic wand and i’m not mad but i hope you can see these pve bugs.

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agreed as well. bugs that are either screenshot or mentioned routinely.

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I came across a few bugs/glitches in PVE. Interestingly, i was on Deande in most of those games so i guess Deande and her clone interactions cause some weird stuff in the levels…

The undying clone - Your clone for some reason thinks itself as Deande and refuses to die or expire with a burst damage. And when it drops to 0 hp, it brings up the revive option confusing your teammates and yourself. It does everything you can do - summon clones, burst dash, ult, it’s pretty much like an extra player in the team. In one of my Algorithm runs, this rogue clone of mine accompanied our team all the way till Wolf hacks the door, lost its path and wandered away but it was still on the map.

Not going to the void - Another Deande triggered glitch. The conservator in Void’s edge teleports everyone except Deande into the void. Chances are that the conservator mistakes you for the clone and leaves you behind, while transporting the rest into the void. You can freely attack the conservator while your team battles hoards of varelsi in the void. Dying here however will spawn a revive inside the void so your teammates can revive you can bring you back with them.

The moving Thumper - Don’t think this was triggered by Deande’s presence but i happened to be on Deande when this happened. In the Sentinel mission, after descending down the elevator and reaching the main hallway which branches into all the boss areas we’ll fight several mini guardians. I activated one thumper turret to help us kill them and it so happened that one of the mini guardians was walking through the thumper spawn point while i was setting it up. The thumper got stuck to the mini guardian’s body and was firing away while moving along with it. Once the mini guardian died the thumper just sat there completely out of it’s position and it was still firing at the enemies. I took a screenshot but forgot to save it.

Indefinite Overshield - While fighting the giant golem in Algorithm, I noticed that the overshield i got from one of the collectibles never faded. I was on Oscar Mike and even my teammate who was on Kleese also had an indefinite overshield. It never wore off till the very end.

Sentinel drops nothing - some have seen it or heard about it already. The Sentinel boss is already bugged in some instances, like getting stuck at the shard spawn point. in this one he doesn’t drop anything after beaten - no coins, no loot, no nothing.

Varelsi stuck in Heliophage beginning - This is kind of gamebreaking. In the Heliophage, once we ascend the elevator we need to take out some Varelsi’s before going to each of the cathedrals to destroys the shards powering the warp zone shield. One rogue varelsi hunter/marksman blinked right into the warp zone. Since it was shielded entirely we couldn’t kill it and the game could’nt proceed further since we need to kill all varelsi to trigger the next set of actions.

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During the Saboteur, in the area where you stand on the platform to summon some stairway before the last defense point, I once died and spawned beneath the map where nobody could revive me, it was on a hardccore run…was not fun.

Same thing in the Sentinel fight, if you fall off with the shard platform, you’ll spawn underneath the map where nobody can revive you.

Wolf in the Void’s Edge sometimes won’t walk further after he hacks the big door with his hacking laz0rs. He’ll just stand there.

All the Deande stuff mentioned above has happened to me. I think once I was also abandoned in the Void with no way to get out. had to quit.

10+ Ronin spawning in the H3NCHM4N chamber thing HAS to be a bug or a glitch…it has to be D: I hate those things.

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lets try to keep this thread alive then so it can be seen and heard more :kissing:

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agreed. Bump

Fell through a crate in this Renegade map. Can’t get back out…

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