Story mode issues

I love the game.

There are, however, issues with Story mode. The campaign was too short, there was little variety in the types of enemies and most of the maps involved defending vs waves instead of being able to explore with enemies already spawned. Some of the larger maps almost felt deserted with the few mobs that spawn as you passed a new checkpoint.
In addition, the inability to queue for other difficulties is perplexing and the inability to queue for the map you want is frustrating.

Overall, I think the game has a solid foundation but you can feel that it was built around Multiplayer content. I love PVP and the Multiplayer in this game yet I long for the amazing story that I got in the Borderlands series that is missing here.

Man, glad I wasn’t the only one who found the small amount of different enemies lame as heck. Even the bosses aren’t unique, the’re usually just bigger versions of the normal mobs.

And the lack of variety in environments is… Gosh. Where do I start? A hint to Gearbox Environmental Designers - planets usually do not look identical all over the globe. I get that you are going for easily distinguished themes with the planets, but it’s really not worth it if you can’t figure out a way to make it interesting. This was your problem with Borderlands 1! You did much better with the second one, what happened with Battleborn? (But then the BL:TPS was just on the moon, same places all over again. But a different studio so we’ll ignore that one)

The levels just look barren and dead. Which maybe makes sense but is boring. And there are more planets too - and the rogues homeworld, the asteroid ring - why are all the maps on the same three planets? I assume these other ones are coming in DLC, but only the PvP maps will be free…

Pathfinding could be improved and some missions have odd bugs, like boldur in the experiment. At the beginning he will sometimes just refuse to walk up to the observatory to initiate the experiment.
Instead he stumbles about by the stairs leading up to the observatory.
No enemys to be seen on the map etc.
Takes a few minutes until he decides to snap out of this midlife crisis.

Missions need more variety, I’m on board with that but It could help if there would be examples how “more variety” in the mission design clould be implemented