Story mode map selection - Public

Please allow us to queue for 1 specific mission in Story mode. More often than not 1-2 members leave because they didn’t get the map they wanted. What makes it worse is I usually queue as a healer and find myself having to dps for most of the game which is not my characters forte.

Even a chat lobby would be an option in the main menu so that I can put a group together consisting of players all looking for the same map.


I agree and made a similar post. I can not accept the answer of “we are trying to keep que time short.” What is the point if I cant play what I want? I have also seen responses saying they will fix it later when they get numbers down on who plays who… no offense but after this game is out for a couple weeks most people will have had their fill of the story mode anyways… why wait to fix it…

Bump for this. I’m looking to play a specific story mission and it never populates on the public story matchmaking

I hate when I want to play a mission but there are only missions I don’t want to do in the votes.

Some people are complaining about players leaving the game, but that is the devs fault, not the players.


Same here I have not been able to even complete story mode due to the fact I cant ever get the last two maps

+1 OP and this post.