Story Mode Matchmaking....WTF?

For the life of me I can not understand the reasoning behind having Story Matchmaking the way it is. There is like no options for the player to be honest. Unfortunately not everyone has a bunch of friends online who play this game.

  1. Should be able to choose the story mission you want to play, and then be put in a que that looks for other players wanting the same map type. Heck you can even allow us to select up to 3 map types and que us for those 3 which helps speed up the process… but please ditch this voting for the map afterwards. Its annoying getting forced into a map you already played and have no desire to do so again. Most people dont have the patience I have and just leave…

  2. Why are there no options to que for Advanced or Hardcore? Sure it might be difficult but I dont see it impossible with a public team, especially if you place level locks and requirements on them. Such as having to have beaten every stage on normal first and must be say level 15+ to que for higher difficulties.

  3. I have had a few times where no one was found for about 2 minutes and suddenly I was just thrown into a game by myself, and it even required me to still vote lol… like what the hell is that? I qued to get a team… i dont care if it takes a while to get said team but dont just decide to toss me into a map. The devs really seem to think players are super anti que… yes they are a little annoying… but id rather wait for a team and a map I want to play then have a low que time and get tossed into something i dont want to do.

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I COMPLETELY agree with this. Gearbox, please, listen to this badass genius.


Agree need to get this noticed and implemented ASAP.

1 and 2 are because at this point, they are prioritizing making queue times as short as possible so anything that splits up the groups increase that time notably. once they get a handle on how many are going to be the average after the release rush dies down, they may be implementing different options. Also, they have said that they are planning on adding an advanced option for match making.

THIS TIMES 1000!! I literally said this same thing to my girlfriend… Then did a Google search… Lo and behold, you said the same thing. Gearbox needs to fix this asap.