Story mode vs multiplayer

Story mode is a fun game . Multiplayer sucks imo.looking at scoreboard after three games in multiplayer and not a kill after hammering on the enemy team.why is is so hard to capture a kill on one enemy this is ridiculous .im with the other post we need a tutorial on this multiplayer not just a list of things to do but showing how to do it.i understand guarding minions to a certain area of the map but not having enemy kills and a bunch of minion kills just does not make sense.takes away that fps feel.i understand it is important to learn all characters to understand abilities but when they are so powerful you cannot kill them that is a real turn off.

What do you mean is hard to capture a kill? Is running perfectly imo besides the screen being flooded by particles and effects.

The game has a longer TTK because it is a team-based FPS. You want to 2v1 most people, overwhelm the enemies with damage. Also depends on who you are playing. Game has been open for 24 hours, it will take time for people to learn how to play and what they need to be doing.

When you shoot an enemy 100 + times and try to get through all of the action going on and think when you tap your center pad to check score and you did not kill one enemy .i love borderlands and anybody says this style gameplay is the same is fooling themselves.not expecting borderlands style but would hope when you shoot an enemy they would die.

If you were shooting an enemy 100+ times, you were missing. Any character can kill another with about 5 seconds or so of focused fire. Work on understanding the game and characters plus aim. Hitting shots is huge and getting kills is not always needed if one does enough damage to force the enemy to retreat.

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I was exaggerating about 100+ as well as If I have a starter character and head to head ain’t no way 5seconds would put him glad other people are enjoying the multiplayer it is just not for me.i guess being 47 years old my age is telling on me.i just need to get me some more schooling on this game.first timers it is a lot different in all the things you control during gameplay

Ok went in after cutting grass this afternoon and went 6and2.and you are right about 5second being enough to kill.dont know what happened but it’s rolling good now.

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Were you fighting Kelvin before by any chance? There have been reports of a bug making him invulnerable. Or perhaps attacking someone by a health station?

I don’t know.i was getting ready to start back playing battlefront.i was just getting so upset that no matter how many times I hit an enemy it would not die.

I’ve had terrible times fight Umbra, but overall mp has played like it’s supposed to as far as I’ve seen. Though I’ve only played two matches, one of which we won with an 8 point difference. I’ve laughed, gotten angry and estancia with a clench win. As far as killing people, not had problems, again I’ve only played as Montana and Orendi. Hope things improve for you pal.

I have to say things are getting better. I’m liking the game .im understanding more just by playing multiplayer.

It did take some getting used to. I’ve died a few times thinking I was playing borderlands…

That’s the answer :wink:

I’ve only played missions up until today, and really started losing interest. So I thought i’d finally try PvP and incursion looked good. To my surprise it’s what I want in the game, and really enjoyed it. Some of the enemy players seemed way to OP for my liking, but I had way more fun figuring this out and playing it than I did PvE missions. Still, top of my team on 2nd game and will play this now till the beta finishes.

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I’m curious, are you not big on PvP in other games (since you were playing just PvE initially? If so, what is it about the PvP in this game that’s making a difference to your enjoyment?

The story mode is spoiled by the Attikus story ! just to say, be carefull ! ( one of the legends challenges for the Attikus picture) I know how the game ends :sunglasses:

Bugged equipment rendering Kelvin invulnerable has been temporarily removed for fixing.

To answer your question, yes i’ve played a lot of PvP. All kinds, and some top ranked clan stuff.

Ref PvE: This game isn’t really a normal story mode game to me, it’s very much mission oriented. Quite linear, something we’ve started straying from in recent years. In some respects it’s more RAID style or like strikes in Destiny. Unless I was playing with friends or a group that ‘actually’ communicated, it lacks something and becomes mundane.

I like Incursion as it holds that element of both, smaller map and control. I love controlling enemy movement, and my favourite class in Thorn works awesome down the lanes. I hope there are more incursion maps on launch. The eb and flo of the map is good fun, and you focus on helping your team, killing enemy minions and bolstering your own. Have been playing it with all the characters, but Thorn still ticks it for me.

Generally over the past XX years I’ve been a big fan of story mode games, and played PvP along side. Borderlands was the best ever story mode game, and you could play it over and over again. Can’t see me doing this in Battleborn. We’ll see, don’t have the full picture yet, and will hopefully hook up with others to play it anyway.

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Interesting, thanks for the reply. I loved borderlands as well. I’m not a pvp guy, but hoping that I will enjoy it here and not completely suck to the point I’m able to play.

Just did the first mission as Miko. Was tense at times, but I got through it and enjoyed it.

I think gearbox did a good job with this game but I will have to say I do not believe moba is for me. I have really enjoyed borderlands a lot . That would have to be my most favorite console game period. I hope this game really takes off for gearbox . I hope bl3 is right around the corner.:slight_smile: