Story mode without crits?

I was thinking as I read the patch notes for next week:

While taking Benedict’s crits away will balance him more in PvP… I’m concerned about his effectiveness in PvE now. Getting crits on the stronger enemies like beastmasters and veil walkers was the only real effective way to kill them before they killed you. And since he has a small clip, succinctly critting skulks meant you had time to reload and take on the rest of the mob. I’m just… concerned.

Since they’ve removed his crits they can now adjust his base damage as needed without worrying about crits making the damage too much.

I think he’s the first character that’ll truly be weird enough in PVE to get them to consider balancing separately. I’ve never been for that befote, but I feel like he’ll be useless is PVE

Been thinking some more on this. Skulks aren’t a one shot kill unless you crit them. Which is crazy considering they’re the weakest enemy and they spawn in swarms. Maybe making it so his rockets one shot them would be a good basis for his balancing

But that adjustment will just be in line with a 50% damage loss in PvP
Not the 250% loss in PvE

Lol melka is also hard to play in pve… Bad acc + low hp = i need a healer

I think that most people share the sentiment that Mellka is currently underpowered. But I’d like to restrict this thread to Benedict discussion please :slight_smile:

That being said, I want to hear thoughts from the Benedict players on here! Where my hawks at!?

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You dont rly need to crit to beat pve unless you want gold+.

What i hate are golems and Geoff explosion resistance.

Tsk. I always go for gold. Is there actually something above gold?

Also, I never noticed geoff’s explosion resistance. I usually just crit him! Sigh, this change is really gonna bother me :persevere:

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Yes a wierd purple thing, in close beta and open beta i got it. You can farm enemis in the archivo but is boring!

But meh in our current pve, gold dosent improve our reward.

I had a hard time with the guardians when I was mastering him, took longer by far than Oscar Mike.
Once they change him it will be interesting to go back to The Sentinel advanced and take a look.

I think they took the purple ranking out. I would certainly have it on void’s edge

That’s what I’m saying. That and the heliophage


Or (solution) You can like…Not play him on pve? Lmao I love Benedict but I’ve never used him legit for pve purpose except for his 3 hour flight exploit on jump pads on the renegade lol

Played the Attikus DLC with him. First time firing up since NMS went live. Lots of change. Seemed stronger overall for the damage buff, but I sure do miss the crits. Still, Liftoff plus gliding plus EXPLOSIONS makes him a mean PvE machine. Gonna have to take him through a few missions, though, since y’all brought it up…

Golems are not explosion resistive any more.

I know! Now Ernest feels wonderfull <3