Story of Aurelia's ice powers?

I am really curious about the lore behind the ice powers of dlc character Aurelia, also known as Lady Hammerlock. From my understanding, Sirens are the only characters in the universe of Borderlands that have mystical “magic” powers and there can only be 6 at one time. All Sirens are female and have strange tattoos on one side of their body. Lady hammerlock’s ice powers seems like it would be something that only a siren would be able to do imo, But there is no mention about her being a Siren or any questions to have she have the power to control ice itself!

However se does show very little skin, only head and neck, and non of the other known Sirens have the tattoos there. Is she a Siren but just covering up the tattoos? She also meets the other requirement for being a Siren which is being female, but it just strikes me as odd that no one in game would mention here being one (weird they don’t comment her powers at all imo) and the fact Gearbox haven’t classified here as a Siren like the others makes me think she’s not one. So what are the explanation for the ice powers? does anyone know or have any speculations?

TL’DR: What are the explanation for Lady Hammerlock’s Ice powers form a lore perspective??

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I believe the ice shard she throws is actually a prototype weapon, and she’s just so damn rich that it’s hers.


she is so immeasurably rich that the can afford ludicrous ice gadgets.


What every once else has said, there’s audio somewhere where she explains it. Can’t recall if it was in the trailer or the game though.


They all stem from the Ice Diadem. So they aren’t really unique to her as a person, just the artifact she wields.

From having very recently taken Aurelia from 1 - 63, i am pretty familiar with her story.

Not much AT ALL is said about hr Ice Trap, bently ut it is definitely an experimental, unique, incredibly expensive prototype hunting weapon / tool.

I am guessing there is some sort of ultra rich and mysterious Hunter’s Guild that just basically track down the rarest and most dangerous game in the universe, which A and her brother are part of.

Upon launching her Cold As Ice action skill, she frequently exclaims, “Do you have any idea how expensive this was?”

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She is like batman: rich with gadgets and the skill to use them. Her drive comes from being rich and bored so she wants to kill things. She is not evil, but she is callous. While her ice diadem is the only gadget she outright mentions, I would wager her other ice abilities stem from that or other gadgets she has purchased.

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i dont know about her powers but she managed to be my favourite in this game, shes so much fun to play.
iced enemies everywhere and then boom headshot!

Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile: Her having access to crazy weapons makes sence, since she is so rich and all. I haven’t actually played as here myself but my friend mains her, but I had not paid enough attention to realise that what se throws out actually was some sort of gadget. It all makes sense now :smiley:

Diamonds … ice … rich … it all fit together for me without any need for a reason.

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Killing people out of boredom…you can call that callous but I’m going to call it evil. Not to say I have a problem with that, my Aurelia’s level 33 and I’m having fun playing her–but I’d probably rather play her do-gooder brother! :grinning:

She kills “bad” people out of boredom … she is not looking to kill just anyone.

I got the feeling she did not like Jack’s killing “good” people.

IIRC she did not approve of the airlock thing.

well if I remember correctly it was just killing animals out of boredom which is no more evil than the entire southern united states as long as she uses what she kills (not that there is any mention of that aspect). I think they were going for the old school british huntsman or teddy roosevelt type of sport hunting with her where alistair mostly wants to study animals and while he does hunt, he has more of a conservationist feel to me. The killing people came from contract with Jack and it seems like she hadn’t done much of that before. I think she is supposed to be a hard morally grey character based on that little back story and some of her dialogue.

Fair enough, I had thought there was some mention of killing people out of boredom but I may be remembering it wrong.

The story mentions she killed the beasts Sir Hammerlock was studying for the sport and to piss off her brother.

She was very disturbed by the airlock incident.