Story Ops: Final score resetting to zero

I just finished playing two story ops missions as Toby, and both times the final score dropped to zero. I was able to get loot and one of the new skins, though. Really enjoyed it :D. Has anyone else run into this problem?

do you know what skins she gets?

…Nope but I just got a new one for Thorn.

It happened for me just now, too.

Started a thread in the “bug” section of the forums. Suggest you and anyone else who had this happen post there and we can tag JoeK or someone else so they’re fully aware this is happening.

Sounds good. Can you post a link? Or maybe if a fellow mod can merge the threads? I’m new to the whole ‘creating posts’

I wonder if that bug is in any way related to this bug?

And this after a mission where one of the challenges bugged out:


We killed considerably more than 2 Hunters and yet the challenge never completed and the timer rather than ending and then failing the challenge kept counting down into the negative. Lots of interesting bugs lately.

Finding bugs was bound to happen, I suppose. There was one instance where we were supposed to kill some sniper minions, but one of them was nowhere to be found. It was definitely on the map, and yet nowhere in sight.

Final Score 0 (video):
Google translate: After the last update. It is not possible to level up your character properly. Play 6 games, 4 of them ended FINAL SCORE 0. Just I started playing, and after such an update has not been interesting.

Ghalt has done Attikus 100 OPs several times today but:

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I have every Skin here