Story Ops: how do they work?

So im new to the season pass on ps4. How do ops points work in the match? My friend and i both had a time trying to figure it out.

You collect them. There are rewards for hitting certain levels. EG: 40 pts = character skin; 85 pts = other character skin. There’s a taunt at some point, and at least one loot pack.

Each time you complete one of the story ops, your base number of points for starting the mission goes up by five; after 10 complete runs through the same story op, you’ll always start at 50 points and can find/earn an additional 50 to hit the maximum of 100 ops points (plus a special loot pack).

As the number of points increases, the difficulty also increases (more spawns, higher % of badasses, etc.), so there’s dynamic scaling both between runs and during a run.

If you’re playing solo, you can set your current Ops Points to zero by interacting with Nova at any of the respaawn points.

If you want to know all the specific rewards and requirements, there are a set of thread title “Rewards for …” you can check out.

Have fun!