Story Public... toxic?

What in the world is going on with Story Public matchmaking…? Easy mode, I mean. I don’t bother with Advanced matchmaking for painfully obvious reasons.

If we vote for a more “interesting” mission, such as The Sentinel, I’m almost always looking at 4 dead teammates 45 seconds in… and then we disband. If we vote for one of the remedial missions, 3 of 5 will >disconnect< every time.

What in the world is going on here!? Story mode needs a serious overhaul for lack of fun and excessive difficulty (for scrub groups) issues :frowning:

I just want to have success with random people here :frowning:

Are you on ps4? Most of my experience with story have been good but then again I haven’t played much of it except when I first bought the game to get used to the controls

There are some awkward difficulty bumps in story, that’s for sure. The fight when you drop off the cliff in Sentinel is definitely one. The first defense wave in the Experiment is another. There’s a reason that the mission I have the fewest wins on is the Experiment.

Sometimes you just have bad luck with the team you get. Try to not get discouraged if you get a party wipe early. I tend to find that once people wipe once, they wise up and start playing smarter. Just takes some people a moment to realize they can’t just charge into the thrall swarm.

Play ISIC. He’s a powerhouse for story missions. If your teammates all keep dying, then carry them.

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Yeah ps4 it was fine when the game came out but now… Yeesh!

I can solo anything all day long I just would rather do it with other warm bodies.

Funny that you mention that. I make a point of playing Marquis or Oscar Mike if I get The Sentinel on advanced since most groups tend to get absolutely crushed when we first drop down. If I want to guarantee a win I’ll just stay up top, but when I’m feeling feisty I jump down with everyone else and kite all the people around until I can manage to kill them. There were a couple of times where a couple of people leave after a few deaths and other times when I’m the last one alive and they’re just sitting there watching me kill a bunch of brutes and beastmasters slowly (since the beastmasters spam summon the little guys on me).

Looks like you’re unlucky. Or does it relate to consoles somehow? I’m on a PC and play only normal story mode. Yes, 5-people teams often wipe at first packs (which rarely happens with teams of 2-3, by the way), but I have never seen the whole team dismiss after that. What happens is: [quote=“grakor456, post:4, topic:1485432”]
once people wipe once, they wise up and start playing smarter

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The first part of The Sentinel in advanced is a difficult spike so big. When I find a nice group and they are open to strategize, I go Oscar Mike alone in stealth, destroy the shards, when the elevator is open they all run for it. Best way I find so far, painless, no rage quit.
The problem is when nobody want to listen and try to kill every enemy… they die because even that way, they all disperse doing Rambo. It’s the greed for shards that move them!!! The preciooooous.

Well the sentinel if you drop down and all stay together and focus fire the Enemies from the left shard onwards they go down easy. It’s when people spawn all the adds at once and start running around and getting trapped when people start dying

People splitting up once they drop from the cliff is definitely a prime reason for party wipes. Usually when I see a failed Sentinel in Advanced, it’s because of that, followed by people respawning and then immediately dropping down again to try to revive everyone else, when that just ends up wasting more lives. If the party does wipe after that first drop, it’s usually better to stay on the cliff and thin out the enemies with ranged attacks.

Of course, that makes Sentinel Advanced rather hostile to melee characters. But, really, that’s nothing new.

I hate when people do this)) Because challenges pop up at that point and they are pretty always require to kill mobs right down there or to the right. Not to the left. The team splits and this leads both to deaths and failed challenge.

So you’ll potentially fail a mission for 25 credits or an uncommon loot pack? Seems reasonable

It’s impossible to fail a mission on normal by losing all lives.

I was writing the same thing when you post it.
Trying to revive the fallen only for score in a middle of Thrallapalooza is another for the series of bad decisions in the Sentinel.

In one playthrought, the team run for shards, jump in the pad… and in the other corner of the map, a single Benedict for whatever reasons stay behind trying to open all chests and kill all enemies while we were waiting for him in the pad. Of course he lose all our lives in his singular way to see the world and then disconnect. We could continue the mission, with no lives, because of a person that I can’t describe with words without being flagged.

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Well except that you definitely CAN fail a mission by losing all your lives on normal

Theoretically yes, practically - never seen it.

The word “toxic” here doesn’t seen to apply here since there’s nothing to do with horrid behaviour. In this case, the players mentioned here are the overeager sort, to say the least. As for the disconnects, it’s probably they didn’t want to play that particular mission.

This “Leeroy Jenkins” syndrome seem to plague both PvE and PvP, problematic when both modes are not all about going in guns blazing or going lone wolf.

As for the opening section for The Sentinel, I usually (playing solo) would take pot shots from the top of the cliff to clear some mobs out before jumping down. The best way to solve the issue to search for a proper party.

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I’ve had no problems with pub story games on Xbox, up until today.

I ran into 3 separate players (each from different missions) that would lag behind the entire game, bail just before the last boss fight, and join in again just as the boss is being killed, or shortly after.

I’m not really sure what their end game was. :no_mouth: