STORY Rant-(ish)

I bought the diamond loot chest.
Clocked in over 1200 hours between pc and ps3 on borderlands 2. (Got the BL2 Loot chest Collectors edition as well)
Maybe its just my age, being 7 years older but… I just beat the game and.
What was that story? Every character I did missions for, I just did not care about. Claptrap was the only one I did care about, and that’s pretty ironic don’t you think? Hammerlock was alright as well, but please, does every scene he is in need to reinforce the fact that he is gay? Like who cares. No mention of axton. Roland was a location. Rhys has no input in the last 2/3rds of the game; Just who is the story tailored for? Maybe the future DLCs? Tannis and Ava; the two most unlike-able characters in the game, are the major characters? And that send off at the end with the other character? Where was brick/mordecai/tina except for side missions??
Gameplay is great and that’s what got me through it, but seriously. I cannot be the only one that thinks this story was just beyond terrible and disappointing.


I honestly didn’t think it was that bad we were just spoiled by how good the bl2 story was. I certainly thought it was a better story than TPS and TFTB. I really liked the Typhon storyline-logs included.

I will say I don’t think Lilith is a great character to be the main leader. She’s kind of dull. Plus maya dying is annoying because she really didn’t get much of a chance.

also bummed there was no axton, favorite character to play with on bl2

None of the plot points of the jakobs storyline are hinged upon the fact that Waynright and Hammerlock are gay. Replace the few times Waynright says “Boyfriend” with “Like a brother to me” and it all still works. They are two gay men dealing with a crisis that is completely unrelated to the fact that they are gay.

Why are any of these things necessary?
Axton would have little to do in the story other than be extra muscle.
Roland has been dead for over 7 years, the characters have grieved and moved on, making him a location was a touching nod.
Rhys had his arc, he makes his call ins when appropriate after that. His primary concerns are Atlas and Promethea, he has little input to give for anything else.

Most character have already completed their character arcs and serve little to no purpose being there. Ava is there because she’s new and young and therefore can grow. Tannis is around to explain Eridian/Science mumbo jumbo. Likeability and execution aside they are here because they have a narrative purpose.

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Anyone would be better than Ava to lead the Raiders, but this would be a nice throw back to Roland. Soldiers can command a battlefield, kids just make demands - and with regards to that the biggest reason I disliked hearing Lilith or even Ellie on the echo so much was because their tone was always more of tantrum than necessity.

The writing would feel much better if instead of making the vault hunter feel like an errand boy/girl/robot… They focused dialogue on how an urgent task was needed. Wainwright made me want to get to the peak, and I felt like he truly appreciated the assistance.

I shouldn’t be playing toy soldier cause ‘Lil’ needs someone to pull through for her.

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Completely agree with OP, The most annoying characters no one cares about gets most attention and characters that most ppl want to see (Bl2 WHs) gets nothing… I’ve pushed trought the story just to see my favorite characters return, only to find out they don’t even mention most of them, besides some audiologs I couldn’t care less about. So much potential wasted! Definitely going to buy DLC… (nope)

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I think I may have tuned out to the story about half way thru. Maybe on a replay I’ll pay more attention but my character felt kind of like a random merc for hire. What I would have liked is to get to know who my own character is. Played Moze & don’t really know where she came from, what she cares about or what drives her. There’s some great one liners for sure but great writing also implores you to care about these people. Hope the dlc’s bridge some of these gaps.

I’m not terribly sure why people are raging about Ava. She’s a typical teen with teen angst being forced to grow up through mentor death.

I actually think she’s gonna make a great story next game, we just seen her beginning now and it’s fine. She got her wake up bitch slap and kept it to heart.

I think the only legitimate point of contest would be her becominy the Leader of Crimson Raiders, but even then - who else? Tannis, for God’s sake? Player character at this point is not an option.

The story here has been pretty mixed honestly.

The Twins are annoying as hell. I absolutely hated the fact that no matter what the ■■■■ we did, the twins are ALWAYS 2 steps ahead of us. Every single time we did something and Tyreen would just show up and instantly and easily foil our plans. And then becomes a “god” and we whoop her ass like a normal boss. Yawn.

I ■■■■■■■ hate Ava. With a passion. She is the worst thing to happen, imho, since Tiny Tina was introduced, who I also dislike greatly. Ava is useless, spends the entire game blaming “Lil” for Maya’s death, when its actually her fault for acting like a normal dumbass teenager who “knows more than some dumb adult” and comes to the vault anyways. Then when Ava “gets” mayas powers from Troy, suddenly she knows exactly how to handle these powers like she has had them for years? Stupid. At least Tina has been useful, and not just some ■■■■■■■■ kid with psychotic tendencies, versus Ava’s emo ■■■■■■■■ where woe is me I’m such a victim.

Tannis being a Siren was supposed to be some shock, but I knew some ■■■■ was up with her talking in my head just like Angel used to.

No mention of Sal the entire game either.

Lilith was a piece of ■■■■ since BL2. A damn eiridum junkie, nothing more. All we get here is “hey killer” and nothing else. Firehawk be damned.

Leaving Sanctuary to Ava had to be a joke, surely. Leave it to Vaughn, at least he is funny.

I agree, but can only see more of the same thing that happened when Cl4ptr4p tried at beginning of the campaign which would get old super fast.

The ending was a joke brothers, Lilith doing that thing after that boss fight was pretty stunted.

This, BL2 at least had 3 or 4 echos scattered about to give a little background on each toon.
BL 3 toons, nothing, must have poped out of thin air

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I think they each have a single echo on sanctuary. Maybe. I don’t recall even finding Zane’s. I think that is basically all the background we get.

Id love to see Krieg hang with Ava to protect her, Krieg misses his daughter a lot maybe he could get some kind of comfort protecting Maya’s pupil.

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This is the first good use of Ava I’ve seen… Congrats

Well Krieg does not know that Maya is dead It could be a plot twist for him instead of him going batshit crazy. His sane personality would have a purpose and motivation to take over again.

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