Story talk: Ava`s Breakdown

Short disclaimer this topic is made for people that already played through the main story, I think most of you guys have by now if you don’t leave now you have been warned!

So we all know her,
this little annoying brat that offers nothing to the narrative.
In all respect of the work they have done my honest opinion on the story is that it wasn’t the real deal.

But I don’t think everything is garbage it just lacks emotion and this is what I am gonna showcase and deliver you with the example of Ava’s Breakdown.

We the Vault Hunter just witnessed how Lilith loses her powers we get introduced to Ava and have a reunion with Maya.
We faced the Rampager and its time to say goodbye to Maya.

We are at that point of the story, and we are bummed out by our incapability to act as VH´s and save Mayas life even tho we were just 2 meters away and stared how Mayas life force get sucked by a Male Siren.

Back at the ship.
Ava is in shock, LIlith is without her Siren powers and loses fate in herself and Tannis well lets dont talk about Tannis since she is ever crazy and useless as a siren anyways.

The whole crew loses their skit. The only one who can drive the narrative forward now is you VH! While you are looking to find Brick, Morty and Tiny Tina,
Ava is going crazy little by little.
She feels guilty of the death of Maya, so she escapes Sanctuary without anyone noticing all.

Right after contacting the B - Team, we get a call by Lilith that tells us about Ava’s disappearance.
Now its on us to find her. Maybe she went to face the cringe twins herself.
It’s not so hard to find her since we just checked the log of Ellies dropdown system and figured out where she let herself out.

Now we have to visit this particular place. After arriving at the planet Ava is hiding at, it’s actually not that hard to backtrack her actual location cause as it seems she is not in control of her Siren powers, which means she leaves a trail of destruction and blood along her way.
Yes Ava has lost her mind and goes full Avatar rage mode and destroys everything along her way. At the end of the path of Ava’s destruction we find her or at least what seems like Ava as said she is not in control over her actions and herself becomes a boss to beat in order to calm her down. This fight is not meant to kill her much like the one we had with Bloodwing in BL2. We fight her and after beating her we get rewarded with a cutscene.

Ava loses consciousness, and we take her back to the ship.
We let her get some rest and after that she apologizes.
She really feels sorry for all the harm she caused and says she wants to do her best to revenge the loss of Mayas.

From here on the story goes its way. But Ava is working on developing her skills as a Siren, and she asks Amara for help to develop her powers.
Here it would be perfect to include some content that only can be gained when playing as Amara. This could be done by adding a line or a cutscene that can only be viewed or heard by Amara players.

Guys and Girls,
thank you for reading through this. Its the first time i do something like fan fiction so excuse me if my story bored you.
And also excuse me for my bad English i am from Germany and trying hard.

If you would like to participate in such stories or develop your own feel free to do so down below or maybe we start a section that concentrate on that.