Story upgrades to the current Vault Hunters (end game spoilers)

Can we have old Vault hunters “train” the current crew?
-Have Axton/Zero help Zane,
-Mordecai help Fl4k with pet training or Zero if youre doing more fade away builds
-Gaige improve Moze’s Iron Bear maybe Salvador if you want more of a soldier build
-hopefully have Lilith make her comeback to train Amara (otherwise Tanis can)

I feel like this would be an awesome way of introducing either another skill tree or just a higher lvl cap. Plus it would be cool to see more interaction with the old VH (the story barely refers to your character and individual quest would be great)

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Have Brick train Amara so she can have a berserk mode and proper survivability, like she should have from the start,

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i would love that but it feels a bit too fanfiction-y?

we are at a point in the game where the characters and npcs are quite literally too many to put them all in a game.

i totally get the fact that you may be sad if your favorite character isn’t present in bl3 but putting 16 npcs just for the main characters of previous Borderlands is too mutch.

What do you mean? my Amara is literally immortal.
The ammount of heal that i ge back just by shooting stuff is amazing.

Just bring back Dr. Zed and have him sell genetic implants… that are totally experimental and you’re basically volunteering to be the guinea pig.

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Good for you doesn’t change that her basic tank skills are basically paying 10 skill points for worse than Fl4ks get’s for 5,

And doesn’t make her have a berserk mode,

You can’t compare a balanced character with a broken one, tho. lol

I disagree.

Timothy could have temporary joined up with Rhys and zero.

Salvador could have been doing stuff with mordecai and brick.

Athena instead of ava.

Krige with Maya.

Axton and gaige on eden6(Jacob’s planet I believe) still hunting Aurelia. Hammerlock could really just be a side quest charecter.

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yeah I get that, but theyre all in the same faction. I think Brick and Salvador left but Gaige and Axton are working together and thats in a side mission for this game. Really you only need Axton/Gaige/Tannis/and Mordecai.

Totally, yeah but…
How mutch would you bet that people would be even more mad about something like this where their favorite character whould quite literally be there just to be there and not having a proper part in the story?

i get what you’re saying and i personally think that GBX will put the other characters in the dlcs where they can have a more central story on them.

is it “sad” that we didn’t get all the characters in the gaem as npc? you can effin bet on that.

i even got legit mad at the fact that in the end Aurelia became a villain.
i liked her a lot in tps.

They would be in that part of the story not just sitting around.

Everyone if they had the amount of time brick, or mordecai got would not be hard to do.

I honestly think people would be mad but not nearly as much as them being absent.

I feel like we will see some in DLC.

What bring maya back, sign this petition:

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Hello there. Here’s a link to my original post on this topic. Cellq7’s got a link there and I’ve got another on gofundme to help start up this initiative to get Gearbox’s attention. Please go take a look at the post, reply, and check out the initiative at the bottom.