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Let alone how they incorporated greek mythology into everything like this:

“In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman. Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympius and gave it to man, Zeus punished Prometheus by creating Pandora. For fear of additional reprisals, Prometheus warned his brother Epimetheus against accepting any gifts from Zeus, but Epimetheus did not listen, and married Pandora. Pandora had been given a large jar (Pandora’s box) and instruction by Zeus to keep it closed, but she had also been given the gift of curiosity, and ultimately opened it. When she opened it, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the jar. As she quickly tried to close it again, all of the content in the jar already escaped, except for the one thing at the very bottom: hope.”

Sound awkwardly familiar of a certain Vault and an underwhelming ending to BL1 eh :wink:

“Pandora’s moon is called Elpis. In Greek Mythology, Elpis is the spirit/god of Hope and the last thing freed from Pandora’s Box.”

“Pandora” and “Prometheus” are two of Saturn’s inner moons

Helios is the Greek god of the sun and the gift of sight. This is a reference to how Helios’ watches everything on Pandora

Helios is often described as the son of the Titan Hyperion


Edit 2: This is also an exelent read:


I think it’s implied in an ECHO log (and continuing on from another thread, ECHOs are bad storytelling devices because missing them causes confusion) that Fiona never came back after disappearing in the Vault of the Traveler. Rhys got distracted by the Maliwan invasion and feels bad that he hasn’t been able to focus on finding her. I suspect Sasha would be out looking for her. That could be leading to a DLC storyline.

Vaughn cares more about being a bandit on Pandora and starting blood feuds than finding his friend for some reason.


@Genericktag Yes, but it‘s only talking about “her” which could also be Sasha or Gortys. I took it, that “she” left “this place”(Atlas HQ) because Rhys was only concentrating on Atlas and nothing else.

But if that really implies she didn‘t make it back , out of the Vault… :frowning:

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Petition to bring maya back


I’d say lets get this out to social media if we can. If everyone complaining about story pitched in a bit there could be a lot. Maybe get Gearbox’s attention. I’d love to see if we could open a dialog with them and talk about things. I’d be completely willing to sign an NDA and discord with them.


LOL, what? Seriously? Now, what exactly is it that you’re “funding” there? What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish by getting people to send you money, besides maybe inflating your bank account? Are you aware of how shady that campaign looks?


I’m open to suggestions! The purpose is to show Gearbox that we’re serious and honestly I’d invest this into them for development. What else can we do? If you have other ideas or actions we can take to do it then I’m all ears but money speaks and being willing to invest into something you love has a lot of strength. I understand that there is distrust and yes I could abuse that. This is the internet so there’s no way for me to assure everyone that it’ll go where it’s supposed to. If there was a way to link it directly to Gearbox then I’d do it.

Play better games?

Maybe stop being so entitled and accept that an intellectual property doesn’t belong to the fandom and you have absolutely no say in the creative direction that it takes. Also, respect the story the writers wanted to tell, since it’s their story, not yours. You can either support their creative choices or not and criticize them all you want, but there’s no amount of silly petitions, outrage and complaining that will give the fandom creative control over the franchise. That “If Gearbox does see this please reach out to me” bit at the end of your post is particularly hilarious, as if a game company would talk directly to a random guy on the internet about how they should write their own games.

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Just start a petition, dude. You can’t get ‘funding’ for something like this, we don’t know what you’re gonna do with the money, gearbox may well not even accept it (it’ll probably just be chump change to them tbh) and quite possibly wouldn’t want you doing this anyway.


Well, he might actually get what he wanted. Gearbox might actually reach out to him… Not to listen to his opinion on how to “fix” their franchise, but with a cold and blunt cease and desist letter asking him to shut down and delete that campaign.


This could happen yes. Above mine is another petition as well. All in all it still shows an interest. I’m good with the negative critiques and you have good points. I already know this IP doesn’t belong to me which is the point of reaching out and talking about it. Even if this fails completely it’s still a step to show interest and love for the franchise as a whole. Cease and desist or not!

Yours isn’t a petition, you’re asking for money.


Doesn’t ultimately matter. I’m watching the actual petition getting a ton of votes as we speak so even if mine does nothing and everyone says it’s shady that petition is getting views. The point was to get attention. It’s working. On top of that I also wasn’t knowledgable of that website or i would have done that instead. I’ve also donated to said petition. Petition to bring maya back

Then yours is kind of pointless and redundant then, and you’ve got no need to go asking for money?

You don’t donate to ‘change dot org’ petitions…


Incorrect. It’s there. You should go take a look. Also yes I agree with the redundancy and it’ll likely never see the light of day. I’m fine with this as long as the message gets out.

They do listen to their fans, well the good ones do anyway. Also, we are paying them so, if they want piss off their “childish entitled” fandom. Then the fandom can take their business elsewhere

Are you aware that if you actually get some poor sucker to send you money you could actually face legal action as a scammer?

No, you signed that petition. You didn’t give them any money.

At this point, I really don’t know if you really are that clueless or if you’re being purposefully dishonest.


Once again go take a look. The petition website does actually have a way to donate to that petition. On the point of the scammer if Gearbox wants to send a lawyer to talk to me and shut it down I’m still fine with that. Matter of fact it would be easier to just have an official employee say it and get it over with. I’m not here for dishonesty. It’s under the “take the next step button”

Making petitions demanding them to change the story and backtrack on their creative choices isn’t criticism. It’s just childish entitlement.