Storyline and tactics (spoiler warning)

Hi. I am great fan of HW, I have already finished the game on the hardest difficulty. I have some suggestions to storyline and tactics, that I hope may improve the game later on.

  1. the earliest missions are the hardest one, you must really deploy tactical thinking. The moment you are about to kill Ashoka you are the supreme unbeatable force. BTW. you dont have to deploy AA turrets and units before airwave comes, it comes after 7 mins, destroying Ashoka takes 3-4 mins. And further on, it is easier and easier, with star formation around cruiser. I felt OP. The last moment I used some strategy was with Rachel alone before hostile Sakala arrives. I kind of dissapointed me.

  2. also the plot with Sakala. It lacks logic. The moment I killed all hostile force at Kashar plateau, it was all clear that Kapisi and her fleet is super power in region. Open betrayal of Sakala captain is not logical, because it leads to annihilation of Sakala.

  3. I never used assault cruiser. If you go with star formation with battlecruisers followed by support cruisers, artillery cruisers and railgungs around Kapisi, you dont even have to use airplanes.

So I would suggest if the next scenario comes (and I hope so), with more plots and intrigues. And more tactics. I would add missions without carrier, that you have to complete without Kapisi help. And I would suggest the Kapisi is sabotaged on on higher missions, so you cannot use her supreme powers and must relay on tactics. I would also recommend a mission when you have to hijack the enemy craft and to infiltrate a base (could be sidiim base).

Maybe I’m just stupid, but what’s the star formation? Is that just setting the units to guard the cruiser?


You put most armored units as decoys, then behind them artilleries + railguns, carrier in the centre. But this is not tactics, its basic rule. Its up to you how you do it.

Survivability of railgun is circa two shots of hv.railguns, i.e. less then second.
Survivability of artilleries is also very low.

Railgun (upgr) has dmg 300, armor 9, HP 975
Artillery cruiser (upgr) has dmg 312, armor 7, HP 2700 (shoots even air units)

Armored Assault (upgr) has 43 dmg, armor 25, HP 1750
Battlecruiser (upgr) has 300 dmg, armor 30, HP 7150

Also before building an army it is advisable use artefact that lowers costs of builing (-20%)
Hacking corvette sized units is not advisable, it costs 38RUs (advanced), but hacking cruisers is good damn fun.

I used my knowledge of how HW1 and 2 campaigns worked, That stood me in good stead.

If they were going to make fight to take the plateau, then I “knew” they were going to make me fight to hold it.

So I did this… and was glad that missions carry things over if position is unchanged. I thought it would be a checkpoint not another mission.

Scanners and turrets and mines oh my! :slight_smile: Hacking a turret control tower gives you control of its turrets, as well as all other turrets as you kill their control towers.