Straight Character Talk

In this thread talk about the characters and the best teams you have built, call them Speed Teams (quick resets) or Duration Teams (getting as far as possible.
I would like to hear what everyone else is doing.

Speed Team:
Marquis or Montana- quick attack rate they progress quickly without relying on ult.
Rath- with good items he attacks quickly enough and his ult clears ten waves.
Miko- the heal skill helps sometimes his ult is pretty good though it isn’t as fast as Rather.
Baldur- severely underrated in my book his ult makes him a bamf that can one hit very easy and his passive skills are really good. Only complaint is his non-ult attack speed.
Whiskey Tango- good damage good attack speed and his ult helps clear waves quickly.
These guys have median ult refresh times and I don’t like to rely on ults to progress quickly so this is my favorite so far.

Duration Team:
Whiskey Tango
I can clear 85 without relying on ults to kill bosses and I have a +1k bonus. After 80 I need ults to kill bosses. Miko can be swapped out for Melka or Ambra for a little extra uphm

Thoughts or comments, I’m digging this game. Rath is killing me I can’t get 2 of his items.

Can I ask what artifacts and gear loadout rarities you have?


Orendi- r
Thorn- uc, r, uc
Rath- e, none, none
Benedict - e,r,c
Oscar, none, r, c
Montana, uc, r,uc
Marquis, r,e,uc
Melka, c, e, uc
Galilea-c, e, none
Ambra e,r,r