Strange Font Bug

(Oblivionfreak199) #1

Hello I’ve come across this strange bug where in the menus for quest. For example when I have to kill 6 Psychos
It appears like this in the menu 0/6. Here is a link to a screen shot thank you for any help!

(Is this thing on?) #2

Moved you to the right section. That does look odd. I assume you’ve done the usual stuff (verify game files in steam etc.). Have you been using a different language/script on your computer, either generally or in some other specific application or game?

(Oblivionfreak199) #3

Thank you for moving quite New to the forums! and yes I have reinstalled, deleted all the files, created a new character, I also tried installing another language or reinstalled english still there. This just started when i bought the handsome jack collection during the winter sale to get some of the extra skins I didn’t have and The Pre Sequel.

(Oblivionfreak199) #4

Hey! I was able to fix it, it had to do with this Region thing I had on called Uni-Code Beta. Turning it off seemed to help Thank you for your help! I would’ve have come to that if it weren’t for ya haha

(Is this thing on?) #5

It looks like the game is expecting a different font encoding or script system to what you have - squares like that usually indicate missing or non-printing characters in the font. Not sure what might be causing this, though - not something I’ve ever had to deal with.

I’d suggest opening a support ticket: