Strange Glitch Causing Items To Be Lost

First let me say that I do have the latest patch installed and I do connect online when I play so that I always have the latest hot fix installed as well. I also have all of the DLC installed.

I’m experiencing a weird glitch where sometimes when a killed enemy drops a few items those items either fall right through the ground (right through the game world) and are then unobtainable, or the items do land on the ground but then suddenly disappear after about 2 to 3 seconds. I’ve already lost a few blue and two purple items due to this bug. Is there any way Gearbox could patch or hotfix this? I know it’s extremely late to be asking for patches now, but this is a real issue in the game. I’m losing cool items because I can’t pick them up because they either fall right through the ground or they simply just vanish after about 2 seconds. It is especially known to happen during split-screen mode.