Strange legendary class MOD

i went to farm tubby to find Bekah and then this COM appear in the first time it’s seem normal and then i noticed the team skill duration had 99% is possible to get or just a bug ?

Actually that’s duration, not cool down- and it does seem to be legit, although I don’t know off hand what the max duration for a L. Reaper would be but if it’s 99%, you got it…

Kill skill duration, as in how long skills such as Inertia or Kinetic Reflection (since you’re playing as Maya) give you a boost after you kill an enemy.

The max duration for L.Reaper you can get starting from lvl 62 to OP8 is 99% if I’m not mistaken.

Legit, perfect reaper com

@xmngr is correct, its legit. I use one myself in my mania/bloodlust build.

second him
also use it on my hybrid gun/melee meat man


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Nice find!

Of all the team-based skill buffs, this one seems like the most powerful. It’s insanely rare that I play co op, and on top of that, so rare that other team mates use COMs that buff the rest of the team that I thought the icon next to their name was a glitch.

Seriously though, team cooldown rate, fire rate, accuracy, elemental damage… those all buff a single game mechanic. Most characters have the potential to have two if not more kill skills, and these are usually very strong game enhancements. For raiding (where you’re faced with basically a single opponent and don’t have the opportunity to really stand on kill skills), maybe not so much, but for the rest of the game, heck yeah.

even surpass the OP8 one

thanks for the answer im happy to know this is legitimate to obtain

So…unless my math is wrong, an increase of a normal 7 Second Kill skill would be another 7 seconds seconds…correct??

So If I played with a Krieg using this com my Onslaught, Metal Storm and Quick Charge would be14 seconds??

14 seconds is an ETERNITY!!

Just Onslaught’s increased movement speed alone at 5/5…for 14 seconds…I’d be untouchable…LOL

And another 60% Fire Rate for 14 seconds from Metal Storm…OH MY!

That would be SWEET