Strange Mechromancer Effervescent Skin

I’m trying to figure out what this skin was that I unlocked. It didn’t come up in the skin machine when I went to check it out. But the item for the skin was kind of odd too. So was playing Borderland 2 and we finished the Commander Lilith DLC and went back to finish some story quests for the 2nd play through. I was using the Unicornsplosion shotgun you get form Buttstallion from feeding it Eridium. Then I don’t know what Badass Challenge it was, and it gave me a skin. I wasn’t in the DLC, so I was thinking it had to be so many kills with the Unicornsplosion gun or something. I didn’t catch the skin name, but it was effervescent, and was for a Mechromancer. It also had an explosion type icon and a shotgun icon along with a gun brand, but I don’t know what gun brand it was. So I was like, maybe they added gun skins!?!? Anyone else come across a skin like this? I tried looking through my Badass Challenges and can’t seem to figure out what one I completed. Is there a way to tell which one you completed last or most recently?

I think what happened was that your Unicornsplosion’s item card glitched and displayed over a regular skins item card, because I’ve seen the toothpick and cleaner both glitch in this manner already.

Sounds like a sound explanation. Probably some other skin then.