Strange Reflection/Ghost Image in Toby's Op

So I’ve been hunting for easter eggs in Toby’s op and I’m not sure exactly if I’ve come across something of meaning. In the laser hallway, if you look into the very first window on the right, you can clearly see a sort of… reflection, or ghost image, of what appears to be the last defend point on the Renegade. It’s not necessarily a reflection because it’s superimposed over the wall of the room you’re looking into. It’s hard to describe without looking at it yourself. I tried to take some screens:

I’m also not sure what the pod looking things up high are supposed to be though. Maybe they’re just supposed to be pods. But they appear to be part of the same ghost image as the defend point below.

Is this just a graphical artifact @jythri ? Or perhaps maybe I’m on to something… yet I have no idea what. It’s just really strange that this window and only this window has this kind of quality.

Reflections are taken from static images, usually of some part of the map you are playing on. They are not dynamic. In fact, some of the reflections show pre-release textures and models.

Well darn. I had hoped I was on to something, some sort of clue as to what the easter egg in the op is.