Strange "resist" effects [solved]

Hi guys,
I noticed some strange “resist” effects appearing on many enemies in the game, even when not dealing any particular damage type. As an example, when I hit ice kraggons with a non-elemental weapon such as a Jackobs sniper rifle, and without any other damage modificators, I always see the light blue “RESIST” appearing on top of the enemy, next to the damage number. So it looks like the kraggon is resisting some cryo damage but no cryo damage was involved. This is just an example but there are many other enemies that seem to “RESIST” the wrong type of damage. I also found some who display an orange (fire) RESIST when I deal shock damage.

Is this normal? What does this mean?

Which character are you playing as? What skills are you specced into?

I noticed with both the characters I’m playing with, Wilhelm and Aurelia. But it happens even at low levels, when I don’t spec in any skill which grant damage modifications.

Aurelia has a skill called Custom Loads, which adds additional damage as elemental with snipers when scoped. She also has one called Wintertide, which adds cryo damage to your weapon for a short time after a kill.
Wilhelm has Cold war, which can freeze an enemy that has a fire, shock or corrosive DoT on them, but that doesn’t work with non-elemental weapons, so maybe it’s just damage from the environment such as barrels. Or even from other bandits shooting at them. They are hostile to each other.

My Aurelia is currently level 10 or little higher, and I still dont have access to the skills you mentioned. This is why it’s so strange. I see this happening even when facing a single enemy alone, no barrels around. Is this happening only to me?

What weapons are you using? I’m only asking to rule out possibilities.

I don’t remember the exact weapon’s name, but in Aurelias’s case it is a standard white-quality Jacobs sniper rifle with only normal damage.

Do these “resists” happen with your Wilhelm as well as your Aurelia characters? What level is he and what weapons do you usually use with him?

It’s been a long time since I last played Wilhelm and I dont remember exaclty his setup. But I got the same behaviour at low levels with almost no skills, with the same enemies. As soon as I can, I’ll try to get some screenshots

Spike shields can do it too.

Anything that adds any type of elemental damage can show up as resists even if the main weapon is not doing that type of element damage.

There’s also Aurelia’s bitter riposte, a tier 1 skill which spawns a homing cryo ball when your fully charged shield is damaged. But if you said it’s not your skills, I’m inclined to believe you, it’s probably a spike shield like Russell said (if it was a nova shield you’d notice)

WHERE is this happening?

You mentioned kragons and apparent cryo resistance. And low level. I recall there being ice kragons at the walk-in to Crisis Scar, and plenty of those cryo mushroom deals. The kragons SHOULD resist cryo from them, so I’m just wondering. Level 10 is in the right neighborhood for this leg of the main quest in normal mode. So…

Detective Rabbi is on the case!

CSI: Elpis!


Ok, I think I found the problem. TheRAbbi is right, the specific places, infact, were the Crisis Scar and the Outlands Canyon. The source of the cryo damage were the liquid methane pools, where Kraggons were accidentally stepping in.

Concerning my past games with Wilhelm and different resist effects, I found it it was a bug that was corrected with a recent patch. I removed all skills and equip, put all back on again and the problem disappeared.

Thank you for your help!

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NICE! Glad it’s sorted out!

I almost forgot that there are ice kragons in Outlands Spur, as well as a lot of methane. Outlands Canyon, IIRC, is mostly Torks and Scavs, where you find Pickle, and the Outlands Spur is where you go to cross the bridge to the Drakensburg. Kragons, Scavs.

I wonder if kragons and torks would fight, like rakk and stalkers in BL2…

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Swarms of Torks just covering entire Badass Kraggons!

Kraggon Immolators wiping out Torks by the dozens with their fire breath!