Strange symbolls

So I found these weird symbols on athenas right after the objective to meet Maya, I’ve looked online but didn’t find anything, was wondering if it meant something or it’s just there for no reason but it’s bugging me and I’d love to know

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Something about the red symbol makes me think of Troy. The blue one just makes me think of Siren tattoos.

The blue one kinda looks like a bird with a dot not sure about the red or it could be just random grafitti

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You know what, that might be it. @LouisWolf69 could be they put it there to say we were here first or something like that

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there’s also markings in the vault on athenas, on the back of one of the coluseums(?) in the ceiling. it’s different than the rest of the markings inside that vault. it’s the only marking in the ceiling aswell, i believe.

Huh I never noticed it, the symbols gotta be for something then otherwise why put em there unless devs are trolling

yeah, and speaking of markings. there’s 2 locations that i know of in sanctuary were they’ve written “someone fix this please” and has an arrow pointing to something… one is inside tannis lab, on the wall and the other is on the floor were the ladder leading to the bridge is.

Whatttt looks like I gotta do some looking next time I pop back on sanctuary, there’s also a weird equal sign under the stairs near the cooling thingy near crew quarters I think I’ll have to check I’ll post a pic of it when I do

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There’s another symbol on the big mausoleum Ava takes u to find eridium for an objective

Here’s the weird equal thing on sanctuary @Mahtyo @LouisWolf69

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oh damn, yeah that’s indeed weird and i’ve never seen it before!

Most deffinately and it sticks out it doesn’t fit with the rest of the grafitti and aesthetic of sanctuary it stands out

Doesnt fit with any aesthetics that I remember. I wonder how many other puzzles and weird things are hidden around the game

I’ve read another thread where theres pressable buttons on sanctuary I’ve only found one ended up having to restart my game so I’m as far as athenas but I haven’t found the others but the thread I read guy that found em had beaten main game and was lvl 50 so that’s one big ? On sanctuary