Stranger Connecting to Lobby

Don’t know if this is the correct place but this morning I was just fiddling around in my command section when some stranger joined my lobby. Im on ps4, I checked to make sure this wasn’t a friend (it wasn’t), this person was not in my ‘players met’ list or communities. How in the world did this person join? I know in the options theres a lobby selection to make it ‘anyone can join’ and ‘none can join’ but as far as I’m aware theres no lobby selection list anywhere in game.

Maybe check your PS4 privacy settings and see if you’re showing what game you are playing to the public… Only other option is whether they joined you through a community they’re not a member of yet, but I’m not sure if that is possible

Checked all my privacy settings and nothing is set to allow strangers, I’m pretty tight on these things. I don’t think you can join sessions if you are not part of a community but I could be wrong. Wondering if the game bugged out and slung this guy into my lobby, he was probably just as weirded out as I was…