Strategies for dealing with Galilea as she is?

So before I begin I must point out I have seen a heck of a lot of demands for nerfing Galilea or that people stop playing her. I felt it prudent to instead ask “How are you going to deal with her now as she is?”

I’ve had a few ideas on dealing with a Galilea as someone who mained Galilea early on before switching to other characters after completing her Mastery and Lore challenges. For starters Galilea does have some weakness.

Galilea is not as mobile as the skirmishers or characters like Thorn and Benedict. They can get away from her and make her miss to waste abilities trying to catch them thus enabling others to engage her freely. If she’s smart she’ll block and fall back but you can flank her with two people and she can only block one of them.

It’s Dangerous to go Alone: Shield penetration is the bane of this helix’s existence. She takes a single point of health damage and loses a great deal of damage potential. Orendis are very good at countering her because of this and Orendi’s mobility. Items that give shield penetration are also really good when sniping as Marquis or hitting from ranged with other characters.

CC: CC is important in any MOBA esque game. Save your CC’s for times when characters use a sustained Ult like Galileas Abyssal form. It’ll keep her from escaping and healing enabling you to finish her off.

Focus: It really sucks to be a so called OP Galilea and then get focused by everyone’s CC and damage. Focusing high priority targets like Galilea can ensure survival sometimes.

CC Reduction Items: These are great period. Not just dealing with Galilea’s Shield but all other CC effects as well. (Marquis’ slow, Rath’s knock up, Boldur’s knock back and stun, etc)

Those are just some brief ideas on strategies to deal with Galilea. What are yours?


Solid advice, I’ll contribute:

  • Matchup recognition - Melee characters like Boldur and El Dragon (apparently) have an unfavorable matchup without support. Ranged DPS characters/Support characters similarly need to not let her close distance.

  • Ranged DPS - Hopefully you’re supporting the front line skirmishers/tanks with your rat-a-tat-tats, your pew pew pews, and your kabooms. Seriously shoot her lots. In the face preferably.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work - If you see Galilea bonk her shield off the head of your Miko (or whichever squishie) then stop what you’re doing and protect your teammate.

  • See the Healer? Make him bleed - Punish that Miko (or whoever) supporting Gal if they’re trying to steamroll. More likely than not the Support is going to be forced out of position trying to keep up with Gal. Kill them until they die from it.

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