[Strawpoll] Was the "Lootpocalypse" the landslide of sweet sweet loot you thought it would be?


This is a crosspost from reddit.com/r/Battleborn - I wanted to get this poll the most exposure I could, and maybe get some GBX eyes on it for their own info.


I wasn’t to thrilled at the drop rates (maybe I was just having bad luck?) but the reduced loot pack costs were pretty cool. I was saving up credits for Pendles but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to buy nearly twice as many loot packs than I usually would.

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I had “bad luck” as well.

It was still fun to play. But honestly … the droprates of skins and emotes are really bad in faction clashes. 99% of the stuff you get from them are green crap.

Even 800 credits are a high price for them.

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Clearly more blues and purples, but no differences on legendaries. Pretty underwhelming at the end of the day, but at least there was the reduced cost on packs. I’m not very interested in skins and taunts or the leg from loot packs, though…


More blues and purples, a lot more greens and whites, noticeably less legendaries (though the leggies I did get were ones I’d been hunting for for a while).

Lootpocalypse was like many bear combined into single bear, at least in terms of prices and purple gear.

More or less what I expected - I played a bunch of public story games, had a pretty good time, and couldn’t really complain on the loot front.

I did notice something slightly odd: a notification during one round of the The Experiment that I had found the Spores of Mikollopria which I was pleased about because the one I had pre-dated some of the legendary jiggling, so I was hoping the newer one might be a little nicer. However, when I checked my new gear, it was the Symbiotic Spores, which is wasn’t exactly a problem, but that wasn’t the item listed during the game.

I should say, despite the letdown in what I thought drop rates were gonna be, I did have a lot of fun this weekend. I was able to convince some friends that hadnt touched the game in a while to come play campaign with me for around four hours on Sat. night (that’s a lot for those guys), we had fun, were all super excited when one of our few leggie drops was a Vyn’s Quiver, and that was really cool. So, positives!

@JoeKGBX : Feel free to use that as a water-cooler anecdote when discussing/dissecting the Lootpocalypse with the team.

Edit: And they were all interested in coming back for the big upcoming patch, so, maybe I can get them playing on a regular basis again when that hits.

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Didn’t see a huge increase on Legendary drops, but I did see an increase on the number of Epic Loot drops I was getting, most notably from the Large Loot Containers.

I haven’t mentioned a real increase on drop rates. I went for a lot of runs in missions and got ~ 1 Item per run which is not a real difference to the rate increase before. Except for the fact that in “The Algorithm” nearly each boss has droppped a legendary (not sure if they just messed it up with other missions or maybe just luck??). In addition I opened around 50 lootpacks and haven’t got anything worth to mention. Not even a single legendary…

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Every Advanced PvE team I was on during the event has people ending saying Truck!
Total rage each ending, nothing but trash to sell.

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As noted on the Reddit, I really couldn’t tell much if any difference between normal drops and last weekend. The one thing that stood out was that enemy majors were dropping white and green gear with much more frequency than normal.

I ran The Sentinel around 10 times, finally getting the Symbiotic Gauntlet and Vyn’s Quiver I’d been seeking on the last run (so that’s two legi drops in one go, which is quite good - but I had been getting one or no legis per run, mostly none, before than, so the two-drop run was definitely an outlier).

I ran The Renegade close to 10 times and got 2 legi drops, both Stable Executioners, which seems to be the most common legi drop from Hylis.

Also, I should point out, one of the Sentinel runs encountered a bug in which the Old Sentinel didn’t drop any loot at all. Not just gear - no bonus score, no credit coins, nothing. He just died.


Yea that bug really ticked me off too when I did it, so annoying.


i would say it was pretty amazing. 3 legs on one run alone. I don’t think I had that many to begin with before the loot pocolips.

Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who got worse drops when lootpacolypse was going on!

I went from getting 2 legendaries every other game to maybe 3 legendaries the whole weekend. I ran sentinel mostly, about 14 times this weekend with friends, private, and public and the most noticeable thing that I got, a perfect vigilance link, I already had. Everything else was rare and one or two epics out of all those runs. Even the treasure chests I was opening had an increase in common gear for me.

The discount on the packs gave me a chance to get good results, I finally got my super slayin skin again that I had in beta.

So to sum it up my weekend for drops was a tragedy, yielding less results outside of lower costs from loot packs. I did not receive a new legendary all weekend and if it wasn’t for the lower credits for loot packs I honestly would’ve felt I’d be waiting my time.

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Well, when they upped the drop rates previously, I was getting a ton and with the Lootpocalypse, I got even more. The bump in drop rates a week ago was so ridiculous, I thought they couldn’t do much more.

I can say that I played a few stories each day and averaged about one per mission. In ones like Algorithm and Saboteur, nearly everyone dropped a legendary. It was only in missions with only one boss where I’d occassionally walk away with a green.

I’m happy with my drops.

…That was the best part, I still have over 100k coins but bought enough packs to get 4 skins and one taunt.

I haven’t played enough missions before and after to really get a feel for the difference, however what I can say is that this was stated as a ‘Lootpocalypse’!

To me on the few missions that I completed this weekend, it did not feel like a lootpocalypse, it did not feel like I was being inundated with new or rare loot, I could not see the pocalypse in the drops I had

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