[Strawpoll] Was the "Lootpocalypse" the landslide of sweet sweet loot you thought it would be?

Hard to say. I spent my credits on faction loot packs. I have no idea what the total potential loot pool is for those loot packs, so i can’t judge whether my drops were good or not. Sure, i got 2 legendaries out of them and the disturbing phenomenon known as The Tea Ceremony. But, for the dozen or so loot packs i bought, was it good? What is even left to pull from those? Should i keep buying faction packs?

As to in game drops, i got Heliophagic Goggles, so it was worth putting up with Rendain’s juggling discs. The last Lootpocalypse weekend was better for drops. This one wasn’t too bad. Certainly an improvement over last month.

it was like they blew it up from 1% to 3%, something that continued to be an extremely low chance overall

they shoulda set it to a guaranteed legendary per day after 5 games or something

all these games just putting loot slot machines into their grinds without any vendors to choose the gear you really want

wonder if gbox has bad luck protection in their code

I was getting more legendaries the week leading up to the lootapocalypse. So many missions ending with a green drop on the end boss on advance hardcore. big let down but eh cheaper loot packs was a nice touch.

By any chance, did it get extended?

What last Lootpocalypse weekend? This has been the only one.

I was thinking of the 6/30/16 patch that increased boss drops.

Right, but that’s supposed to be permanent. This weekend was in addition to the new rates.

Got a legendary on almost all of my advanced runs with the exception of like 2.

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