Stray's Level 57 trades updated April 7th

Another level cap, another bunch of gear I need lol. So I’ll keep a running thread of what I have to trade and what I’m after. I’ll update regularly so keep checking back.


Infinity in fire and cryo
Redistributors 49 clip size all elements except radiation
Hive corrosive and radiation
Soulrender corossive and shock with full auto
King and queens call all elements
Rowan’s call shock and fire

Recurring cryo or hex with on throw 25 and mirv
Generator transfusion grenade shock, cryo or radiation with on throw 25
Shock hunter seeker with on throw 25

Seein dead com with +3 or more Donnybrook, weapon DMG and any combination of movement speed, fire rate, cryo DMG, shield capacity.
Cryo Old gods shield sntnl speed annoint with turtle and/or 50% capacity (preferably both), looking for capacity of 24k or more.


Infinitys in kinetic, shock and cryo sntnl cryo100
Fire infinity phase cast 300
Maggie Sntnl Cryo100/ASE N2M corrosive
Hazardous hellshock sntnl cryo100
Venemous Hornet sntnl cryo100
Moar Lineage sntnl cryo100

All element Redistributor sntnl cryo100 (various MAG sizes)
All element cutsman sntnl cryo100
Nighthawkin with sntnl cryo100/ASE100
Oldridian no element ASE100 / sntnl cryo100
Cash infused crossroads shock with ASE N2M cryo /consecutive hits
Cryo Hyperfocus sntnl cryo100
Cash infused hyperfocus shock sntnl cryo100
No element hyperfocus sntnl cryo100

Soulrenders cryo, corrosive, fire, radiation and no element, sntnl cryo100
Soulrender cryo ASE N2M cryo
Soulrender no element ASE100
Faisor corrosive, fire and cryo sntnl100
Lucia’s call fire and corrosive sntnl cryo100
Breath of the dying sntnl CRYO100/ASE100/ASE N2M incendiary
Pestilent sickle corrosive Sntnl cryo100
Vengeful Sickle sntnl cryo100
Arctic Star Helix ASE100
Hawt Kaketime Zheitsevs eruption ASE100

All element The Lob sntnl cryo100
Anarchy fire, radiation and no element sntnl cryo100
Anarchy cryo ASE100
Fire/corrosive recursion ASE N2M cryo
Radiation/cryo recursion consecutive hits
Cryo/shock recursion ASE75 radiation (siren)
Shock/corrosive and fire/radiation recursion sntnl cryo100
Corrosive/shock recursion ASE125 badass
Shock Super supercharged superstreamer ASE splash125 (purple tediore twitch prime gun)
Stagecoach x25 sntnl cryo100
Face puncher sntnl cryo100

Ruby’s wrath sntnl cryo100
Scourge fire & cryo sntnl cryo100
Nuclear Jericho sntnl cryo100

True Skullmasher 75 incendiary when IB active
Krakatoa sntnl cryo100 and ASE100
Firestorm sntnl cryo100

Transformer ASE corossive / shock / sntnl speed
Cryo Old God sntnl speed/phaseslam melee /ASE cooldown
Corrosive Old God sntnl speed /phaseslam melee
Radiation Old God ASE reflect DMG siren/sntnl speed/barrier recharge
Fire Old God sntnl speed
Shock old God sntnl speed/fade away nova
Torch ASE corrosive/ASE incendiary/sntnl speed
RE router ASE shock
Stop Gap ASE cryo, has turtle effect and resistant (24,856 capacity)
Rough Rider sntnl speed
Front loader sntnl speed

Radiation Recurring Hex (with mirv), ASE radiation /ASE shock
Shock cloning hex ASE radiation/ASE corrosive
Radiation hex ASE shock
Corrosive Hunter Seeker ASE incendiary
Shock hunter seeker ASE incendiary
Cryo generator transfusion ASE incendiary
Cloning Maddening Tracker ASE Shock

Electric Banjo shock damage and chance
Pearl of ineffable knowledge fire rate and health regen
Lunacy area of effect DMG & radiation resistance or area of effect DMG and movement speed
Snowdrift Otto idol MAG size, shock DMG and incendiary dmg

As I said, I’ll keep adding gear as I find it so keep checking for stuff you might need especially if you have gear I’m after. I’ve half ordered the thread now to make it easier and just ordered as it is in my bank. Any question on stats on any gear just ask.

I have a night-hawkin with sntl cryo (though it is full auto/semi-auto unfortunately). Also, I have to get it from friend–since I just sent it to him (don’t play zane myself).

I’d like the Krakatoa with Sntl (for my friend) or transformer with ASE shock.

dwojtk is my gamertag on xbox, msg me and we can work something out. EDIT: Fixed, sorry about that.


I’ve got a Shock Helix (5% damage) and Shock Cutsman 130% Clone) if you have sentinel/Cryo Redistributors.

Sorry, I’m only after weapons with sntnl cryo100 annoint.

Updated with a bunch of new gear for trade.

I’ll swap you a shock redistributor with SNTL cryo for your radiation one.

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Sounds good, I’m at work so I’ll send tonight. GT is Stray2615

Cool I’ll do the same

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I got infinity radiation with cryo 100% looking for maggie 100% cryo Sntnl

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I can do that, what’s GT I’ll send after work.

Awesome ZoMbIeHiTmAn87

@ZoMbIeHiTmAn87 @xSKoRM

Items sent :slight_smile:

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Thanks sending item :grinning:

Sent :+1:

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Thanks haha.

Sent as well

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I have all 3 100 crying cuts 57. Would like whatever 100 cryo redibs 57 you have.

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Sounds good. I already have you added, I’ll sort out when I hop on in a couple of hours.

Cool. I’ll send em your way shortly after this slaughter run.

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I have the SNTNL stop gap with the Turtle effect you’re after. Capacity is 24,856

I’d like that Moar Linage…whichever element it is fine…I’ll probably slap on a cutpurse with it. lol

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