Stream live BB love come and share

that… :smiley:

gotta say that i am so happy ps4 community is hella active, matches all the time. I encourage anyone from steam community still playing to try console version. Its alive


Hell yeah, it only takes me a minute at most to find a full match.


And people say BB is dead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…
sign… :expressionless:
if only the gaming community weren’t so ignorant to believe the OW fanboys


i started on ps4, switched to steam… but the aimbotters kinda killed the fun. PS4 is legit, tho my latency is higher. but i know stuff happens is legit… and so many ppez its great

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That’s a surprise.

Same story for me.

Only difference for me is that I join when the community was too small to make matchmaking functional.


live once again :smiley:

Kill them premades… melka needs no buffs, just heart, maybe braines… got some to spare?