Streamer looking to build a team

So starting bright and early on the 14th (hopefully) I’ll be streaming the open beta (like a lot of people) and want to find like-minded players to play with and hopefully have a party set up for the launch. My gamertag is: NMBR1D3M0NChyld, chirp at me if you want to have some fun :blsmirk:

I sent you a friend request on Live.

Add me if you like
Gamertag: MAXXX Brutal

My GT on XBL: Moxie MZ hit me up if you want i wouldnt mind. I will be playing the beta as much as possible so I would be willing to spend as much time as I can with you.

I sent you a friend request as well.

Sent/accepted requests :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone

I main Phoebe

Curiosity has made me wonder at approximately what time do you plan on doing this. With that said you posted for the 14th when the beta actually starts tomorrow the 13th for xbox one. I am more than willing to do it either day but was wondering if you just got the dates confused.

Nope, I knew it started tomorrow, I just have real life getting in the way -.- I might be on tomorrow, but there are a ton of things that will have to go right for me to get a lot of time to play

Ahh okay, well with that said for the 14th we do need to still declare a starting time even if i show up late because of real life stuff i would still love to join if i can but the time needs to be stated for othwrs as well considering that we are all prob scattered around the USA if not the world.

Probly 8am pacific, sorry, forgot to add that in last post

Good thanks for the info. What time is 8 PST in GMT does anybody know?

That would be 3:00 AM mate. Also I will join you when I can but I have stuff earlier on in the day that will prevent me from joining till about 1pm - 2 pm pst still would love to join though

Nbd, anyone can join when they can :slight_smile: I’m going to be playing as much as I can during the day, and probably onto the night.

Ps: Probably going to get more time than I thought today!!! At least after 5pm Pacific time

Cool I will be playing today trying out characters. Also I will follow you on twitch/youtube, tried using your GT but that did not work. So if you could provide it I would be grateful. :smiley:

Lady_La_La on Twitch. My YouTube isn’t anything special right now, I mainly keep to Twitch

yeah also trying to play as much as i can…looking forward to play with you :wink:

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Scratch that I just changed my gamertag to Isuno

the I is an i