Streamers' Preferred VH from DLC5

So if you go to YouTube right now, the most common new builds I find based on DLC5 in order are:

  • Zane (most common)
  • Amara
  • Flak
  • Moze (she doesn’t have much except what K6 has released from the pre-release week)

What can we infer from this? My obvious observation is Moze is the most challenging to build with or probably the least interesting among the other 3 VHs in DLC5, or Moze has already reached her peak?

Most of the large Youtubers don’t main Moze, IC is bugged, and the flashiness of Loader Bot AFK build, Zane cannon means + commitment stacks, and B A L L kinda overshadow the relative plainness of Moze, even if Big Surplus is a surplus of dumb dumb.

There have def been updated Moze builds from Noot and Psychotic Wolf though. Not sure who the other Mozetubers are.

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I have seen some of their vids but I don’t consider them the “big” ones (I’m not saying they are inferior though).

Lol and I can’t disagree with you here.

You’re seeing mostly Zane builds because his new tree is the most impactful of those released. It gives him commitment which, for the sake of throwing balance completely out the window, stacks infinitely along with every other stat he needed. Crit damage, check, run while shooting, check, bonus damage, check, spammiest action skill in the game which makes extremely easy anointment proccing, check, B0RE?! Check.

But Joltz did upload a Moze build recently and it kinda destroys the whole game, but that’s mainly because all the weapons have been power creeped to hell.


Would be nice if all of them are since not everyone plays Zane

Zane has been at the bottom of the tier list since this game launched and now that he’s not he can’t even enjoy a moment in the sun w/o ppl casting shade? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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No, not really. The post is not meant to downgrade your man. The post is meant to question why the 4th skill trees aren’t comparably interesting.