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My name is QuinnMeisterGeneral and I am 31 years old and from the UK. I have recently started streaming on Twitch and uploading game play videos to Youtube under the account name “QuinnMeisterGeneral” and mainly plan to play PC Battleborn.

I Play PvE Advanced Mode in Public groups and also PvP in Incursion and Meltdown and plan to provide coverage of these modes.

I am new to the whole streaming world as I live in a remote village in the UK and internet speeds here can be an issue. We have recently had the “rural broadband” rollout and now I have the bandwidth required.

Once I get a bit more set up I will give details of regular times I will broadcast but for the time being I am just getting used to the platforms and software required.

My Channels are available just here but so far I only have a few test videos made on Twitch and a few Advanced Mode PvE Public videos on youtube. I did manage to capture a 4 man Gold Advanced Run on The Saboteur however which I think some are struggling with. TBH we only just made it!

QuinnMeisterGeneral Twitch Channel:

QuinnMeisterGeneral Youtube:

QuinnMeisterGeneral Youtube Gaming:

Take care and have fun!

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