Streaming + Videos? What does community want?

Just curious really, but not sure how many newer people are in the forum.

Over the past week i’ve been using Twitch a bit to see how many people were viewing and just to stream my new Siren run. Not many people viewing now, so I’m curious to know >

A: If i was going to make any new videos, what would people watch?
B: What do people like watching people stream from Borderlands 2?

When i hit 72, and i’m gonna stick with main Siren at 72, I’ll do all the stuff like Twister and Verm etc, but will hold off RAIDs until i’ve leveled Sal.

I think it’s a shame the community is dwindling away, but if you look in reddit there does seem to be new players still. I’d like to help keep the community on it’s toes, why not…I still like playing after all this time :blush:


You and me both. :+1:

If you have a youtube channel I’ll check it out. post a link for me if you will. :slight_smile:

I love watching Borderlands footage.

I enjoy video, but don’t watch streaming. Mobbing gameplay, Digistruct Peak, raid solos, etc… I appreciate all of it. There are ways to put fun twists on things, such as giving yourself limitations. For example, I do a lot of no-Bee boss fights, some “one gun run” videos, etc. Only 48 subs, and I’m very cool with that (no concern with growing the channel, I just do it for fun). I find that I’ll get 200-400 hits for a share on reddit if it’s less common content. For example, people seem to have enjoyed Maya vs BA Rex, Axton vs Jackenstein, etc.

Voiceover and editing can make or break you, if you’re looking at growing the channel. I don’t mess with either.

Whatever! Bragger… :expressionless:


keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming video, “celebrating 48.5 subs!”

I’ll talk about such topics as, absolutely nothing, seriously nope, and this post is fake news!

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LMAO… :joy:

Can I be the half sub?

edit: just checked. I am subscribed already, but you are at 51 subs good sir! :wink:

See? Two telling things happened there:

  1. one of my subs forgot he was subbed to me
  2. I was actually wrong about my own sub count

#nofutureinthis #partyofone

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Guilty as charged. lol :smirk:

@Handsome_Dad I have to ask, cause i don’t know how to check, or if you even can. But, are you one of my 11 subs? LOL if not, you better make it 12 buddy. LMAO… one good sub deserves another…

Of course I’m subbed! My Vora kills borrow your Tresspasser + ROM @ chief tip. :grin:

You were the first person I shared a recording with, actually.

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Thanks! That is an awesome compliment. Thank you. :blush:

yes, I remember. I don’t have the time right now. but I need to pick your brain on some aspects of the xb1 recording. You seem to have taken it much further than myself.

If I can help, I will. Not sure I have anything cool to offer, but I’m always willing to be of assistance as able.

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Back on topic…I always watch videos that are posted on the forum. I almost never go directly to YouTube - too much chaff - whereas the forum members are reliable at creating quality content. I’ve seen yours and have enjoyed them (although honestly I can only recall Verm at the moment).

The best vids are ones that show something creative or ballsy - especially ones that don’t feature the Harold, Pimp, Norfleet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have 41 subs and I don’t even make videos :stuck_out_tongue:
YouTube is weird

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41 of us are waiting for you to start. :wink:


But…but…but :heart_eyes:

That’s the big problem with loot games, once the best weapons are known that’s kinda it. I do love my Pimp, but i rarely use the Harold. I’ll get one for end game farming purposes.

Shame this got moved to this thread, won’t get as much exposure. Wasn’t tooting myself, more really about what people are interested in. Seems like the PC community is gonna continue ok because they seem to mod and use 3rd party stuff lots. What with the PC community patch update that’s helped them too. Personally i’ll only play legit, won’t even trade.

Are any of you PS4? @Kurtdawg13 @Handsome_Dad @Jefe

I realise after all this time the game is coming to a close apart from hardcore and some new players, but there must be stuff to do. Need ideas. I’m making a list so it would be nice to talk to others about it but over mics, more fun!

@Kurtdawg13 ( I started, got momentum, then seemed to fall flat on my face. I have problems at home that stop me from doing what i really wanted to. Streaming is an issue because of my crap connection. 540p is probably my max.


Slif_One and Sun_Tsunami are PS4. Kurt and I are on XB1

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Yeh Slif is is Australia though, makes it hard to play. I briefly played in Battleborn with him until my Broadband had major connection problems. Sun has made contact, will try chating with him/her about what they get up to.


@Handsome_Dad is correct. I’m xb1 as well as 360 when requested. :slight_smile:

So your channel is Gamescomm? I like your Twister vid. i made something similar. :slight_smile:

and as far as @Chuck80 bragging…well. point taken. :astonished:

Only the Deputy can get subs without vids. lol

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(Honestly I do too)
I’ll graciously allow you use of a Pimp :grin:

Sorry just I realized I was part of question : PC