Stress test Nov7th

I was not able to take part. The server was down all the time!
It said" Battleborn server service is not available"
So the stress test was not successful, or was it?

Depends on what you were trying to do. Were you trying to get into the ‘singleplayer’? Because I got that same error when I did but then I picked multi and got in just fine and did a little bit of testing in the timeframe. But it was definitely NOT down.

I too was unable to login at all. I couldn’t even get past the very first menu…

That all being said, they were doing a server stress test and clearly they need to bump it up prior to an open beta.

Yea, it was impossible to log in. Sometimes it would take longer before it said it couldn’t connect though, so I’m sure it was just an overloaded server.

I couldn’t get the game to launch at all, after it applied the update the game was supposed to launch automatically and it did nothing. Trying to launch the game again gave me a message that it was already running. I couldn’t close out of steam and restart because it told me I have to close Battlleborn first. Task manager in windows 10 wouldn’t open to force it closed either and a complete restart of my PC wasn’t an option at the time because I was using it as a Plex media server for the kids. I have played before with no issues while the server was running.

Sorry to Necro the thread, but I can’t find the thread I was looking for.

I have some feedback and comments for the Technical Test that is now closed, but the feedback survey is closed and I can’t find the Technical Test forum anymore.

Does anyone know where I can give my feedback without breaking NDA? Is there an specific email or something?

Thanks for the help to whoever may know.

Unfortunately the closed forums specifically for the test have been removed. They remained open for a brief amount of time after the test itself ended, but have since been closed.

And unfortunately, again, there is no email or other place you can go to to provide your feedback since as you mentioned, the NDA prohibits you from doing so.

Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning: