Strike Craft of Homeworld 1 needs an overhaul. (Reposted from Steam Forums)

I decided to “repost” this discussion on the Gearbox forums to get some feedback on this issue, aside from strike craft issues and lack of upgrades to armor and engines, I feel the Kushan and Taidaan can match the Hiigaran and Vaygr in multiplayer, But I would like to hear what others think.

I was so excited when I first heard that Homeworld was being remade with updated graphics and the ability to play as all 4 races in skirmish and multiplayer, but was so let down by the fact that Gearbox did not incorporate the best feature of Homeworld 2 for the homeworld 1 races. Grouping fighters and corvettes into squadrons removed so much infuriating micromanagement. The fact that they chose not to use this feature for the Taidaan and Kushan was a huge let down for me. I love playing as the Taidaani, and the new ship models look incredible, but I feel so cheated when I try to play as them in skirmish and multiplayer. A Hiigaran/Vaygr player can simply redock their squadrons and gain FREE reinforcements, allowing them to simply keep strike craft active in battle, while every little pop of a Kushan/Taidaan fighter is felt as a setback. I understand that the developers are working with old code, but the games engine won’t even allow these fighters to operate as they used to in the calssic HW1 game. Formations like Sphere will no longer function, making strike craft all but useless.

My suggestions for the developers (or at least someone out there who may make a mod to fix this problem) is to rework the fighters and corvettes of the Taidaan and Kushan so that they operate in squadrons like the Hiigaran and Vaygr.

The first problem I see with this is with what I will call “Surface Docking” where the Kushan and Taidaan strike craft dock on the surface of a repair corvette, support frigate, or resource controller. Back when fuel was an issue it made sense for the fighters to refuel from these craft, but since fuel no longer exists and these craft all serve the additional purpose of repair and resource drop off, the docking should be removed from these vessels, making fighters and corvettes enter a hangar (from the mother ship or the carrier) allowing for reinforcements to be placed with the squadrons.

The next issue is how to group the fighters and how much should the new “squad” cost? Here are my suggestions for the squadron sizes (and I am open to the opinions of my fellow gamers.)

Scout Fighters: 7 craft (being weaker strength than the interceptors, I think these should be treated much like the Vaygr fighters, also in the single player you are given 7 to start, which should be made as 1 squad rather than 7 individual units)

Interceptors and Attack Bombers: 5 (to be on par with the Hiigaran fighter squads)

Defenders: Am not sure but am still thinking 5 possibly 6 (given they are slow to move but very powerful I am thinking fewer)

Cloak Fighters: 6 (I feel they are somewhere between scout and interceptors as far as firepower and armor)

Defense Fighter: ? (Truly have no idea am open to what others think)

As far as corvettes go, I think the lights should be in squads of 4 (giving more reason to actually use them) while the others (excluding repair, salvage, and minelayer are the only ones that should be left as individual units) should be grouped as 3.

Please let me know what you all think with regards to this issue, I hope this can be resolved so I can enjoy battling the lot of you in multiplayer with my Taidaan fleet.

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I used squadrons in HW1 (Classic). Here is the general set-up I used.
This is for the Kushan race. (I tend to have more ships per squadron in a Taiidan game).

Ships per squadron
Scouts - 7
Interceptors - 7
Attack Bombers - 7
Defenders - 6 (Basic sphere).
Cloaked Fighters - 9
Defence Fighters - 6

Light Corvettes - 7
Heavy Corvettes - 5
Multi-Gun Corvettes - 6
Minelayer Corvettes - 4

I thought I’d add my Taiidan set-up as well. ^ ^

Scouts - 9
Interceptors - 9
Attack Bombers - 9
Defenders - 6 or 12.
Defence Fighters - 6

Light Corvettes - 5
Heavy Corvettes - 5
Multi-Gun Corvettes - 6
Minelayer Corvettes - 4

I think the Hiigaran and Vaygr players would scream bloody murder if squads were made that size by default for the HW1 races. Unless they cost a great deal more and take longer to deploy.

i am oppose to that change. i like individual ships. they need their damage, rate of fire, and accuracy changed yes. but they don’t need to be in squads.

they also need to fix the formations. alot of HW1 guys HATED and STILL HATE the HW2 system. its easier for noobs sure. but for people who like to actually strategise and utilize formations. it kills the game for them.


I really don’t see how this can be balanced for multiplayer and skirmishes without turning fighters into mini-corvettes (as far as armor and firepower), and somehow fixing formations to work like they did in Classic HW1 any other way. I acknowledge that a lot of people may be opposed to the idea of changing strike craft to use squadrons.

Implying that only noobs like the HW2 squadron mechanic can be considered an ad hominem attack as anyone arguying for (or sying they like) squadrons are now noobs (considered an insult by most) :wink:


I’m against it , it would completely remove any meaning of combining the HW1 factions with the HW2 factions. The reason why HW1 fighters perform like corvettes is because of the broken formation system which needs fixing.


I strongly recommend that forum users read the forum rules before posting.


I see often a lot of suggestion to make HW1 strikecrafts into HW2 squadrons(which HAS merits mind you) but interestingly I rarely see mentions(at least, typed in a fashion respectful to HW2 fans) of the possibility of “breaking up” HW2 squadrons into HW1-scale strikecrafts being built one at a time like in HW1 which also opens a couple of possibilities that weren’t there before for HW2 races(being able to uses HW1 formations and the likes for examples… the mechanics of which I’ve reposted the exploration of a friend here: Some findings about Strikecrafts behavior:

This said, admitedly, one of the risk of breaking up HW2 squadron would be the risk of HW2 race then being outspammed by the HW1 races’ every production ships being able to build two different ships at once(a potentially nasty combo with the fact that HW1 collector can actually carry more ressources per haul than their HW2 equivalents)

This said there could be benefits to either options and both would probably need to see some accompanying bit of rebalancing one way or another.

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Hi Ludovsky,
Later I’ll bring it to Steam.

A related issue, I read once, but I haven’t confirmed, that in the classic HW1, if you pressed “.” at the moment of building a fighter, it would produce 5 of them. Is this real?

Looks like the HW1 balancing work in progress is going to bring some level of squadrons to HW1:

Overall, I think it’s a necessary update, especially because the formations and stance aren’t working all that well right now. At least my fighters won’t be totally useless.

I wish this mod developer the best of luck, and hope to see this mod implemented, at least then I can enjoy using squads even if the official developers don’t address this issue.