Striker vs Flayer vs Quad

Hey all!
wanted some opinions on this.
This is assuming all 3 are Rustler’s prefix with Jakobs stock+grip (perfect).

My main toon is Nisha, ive been using the Rustler’s striker mainly; dont have a good flayer yet, do have a rustler’s quad.
When I was using it, it felt like the Striker with the added critical buff was doing more DPS than the quad bc of tombstone, but I cant be sure of this.

Doesnt have to be character specific, which of the 3 generally is considered to be the best?
The Quad ammo consumption kind of makes it hard to use in boss fights (like vs EOS) i feel, though Jack can get rid of this inconvenience with his skill Absolute Advantage
Im kind of assuming its the Flayer- thing is a beast- but would like some forum experts’ opinions :smile:
Would also appreciate an answer with regards to Nisha being the wielder

This will help you. Might want to get rid of that Jakobs stock. And Rustler’s is not as great in many cases.

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With the arrival of the flayer, there are no longer any sane reasons to use a quad…ever. (With Nisha that is… Jack can still use it)

There is no additional benefits from matching your stock, so a Jakobs stock does not make your gun perfect… In fact, the Jakobs grip is pretty bad, except on Hyperion shotguns where it’s pretty decent.

Doc’s prefix, Jakobs grip, Hyperion or Tediore stock, Torgue or no sight.

Doc’s or Rustler’s prefix (doc’s is still slightly better) Jakobs grip, same stocks as flayer. Hyperion or Jakobs sight.

Feed it to the grinder, it’s poop now.

What made you feel that the striker hurts more is not tombstone, it’s the fact that a striker can actually hit things that are more than arm’s length away.

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I have to agree with striker’s effectiveness. This was my main gun until a luck cannon dropped. i have no flayer yet so I can’t comment on it, but striker is tits.

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