Strong elemental Amara?

I want to make a medium/close range heavy elemental damage Amara, but I’m not great at building skill trees. Any suggestions for build I could use that would left me do this play style? I’m playing with a Fl4k if that makes a difference.

Hi! I actually just posted my own elemental Amara build if you’d like to check it out!

Happy hunting!

I think a lot will have to do with your gear as to how you want to build. Infusion to make any weapon elemental might be useful if youre gear supports it and like spread chance might be less useful if youre content using radiation which spreads on its own. Prolly other examples but if you really want a clear cut build guide, the one admiral bahroo posted on YT looks like a pretty solid shock build but youre going to want to start off with the green tree for the regen and personal space talent for the best early game then perhaps respec out of it as you get more points and gear to support what you want to do. I really do think that you will have to have some understanding of the skill tree for yourself to best suit your current gear though.

Up to lvl 30 though splitting between green and orange trees, grabbing both melee skills, grabbing tempest and anima and using big damage over time shotguns like the ‘interloper’ has been doing great for me. I suspect I will move into the blue tree later but it seemed to be the most point dependent so I am only now getting high enough to confidently tinker with it.

This is a melee/element build kinda I use phaseslam on solo phaselock in coop how you use it and your choice this is wat I use sorry if I don’t know the names of abilities. Ok so as we all know borderlands has always used elements in the game for the higher difficulties to the point were u need to rotate them so every siren has a solid elemental tree what I would would do is max out the brawl tree for survival and also melee damage but don’t worry this is key to the build do the pick wats best for survival wise their is an important element passive for your element damage to last longer on enemies also purchase melee override skill now for the element tree do the ability were it ups your action skill element damage then spec into the ability were your shots can covert to element damage also spec some into increase element damage and shock put one into your melee can use your action skill element it’s a chance when hitting them like a 30-40% chance them invest in the ability were when you afflict element status a nova goes off put one in wildfire perk (only good if enemies really touch each other for me they don’t it feels useless) and then put a point or two what ever is left over into the mystic tree we’re hitting an enemy with element stats adds a stack of rush
So no we got this build you now have overpowered melee that can almost one shot red bars of health unless badass either 1/2-1/4 of theirs you goi shooting enemies with say a rad gun best choice Rad is the new slag basically you shoot with rad but you will also set them on fire, shock, or corrosive depending on your choice of element for her now what about the melee so your not going to stand in one spot plus theirs psychos shooting them with and element gun of your choice to break theirs shields or armor then punch them will put them away Fast or punch them to keep them in for shock or melting especially in ffyl if close plus you could phaselock with the link ability’s and since you have a deadly melee go and hit them after shooting them with other status effects or use the slam ability with the nova argument yes I know reduce damage but now your releasing twice the novas on more enemies so double the damage and don’t worry the slam their is a special legendary class mod were your stacks of rush decay but during the time your Cooldown increases plus the guardian rank has a cool down section too this is the best you could do just raw output and do the brawl then mystical tree and put some skill like 6 in the element tree for element damage and the melee now has a chance to do element damage that’s equipped but I like the one I do u punch and shoot slam or lock your choice have fun