Strongest Battleborn At This Exact Moment in Time

Who do you think is the strongest Battleborn right now (since the major patch and Benedict changes and such)? Things to think about are damage (sustained and burst), wave clear, assassination potential, sustain, mobility, and that je ne sais qua. One for PVE, one for PVP.
PVP and PVE: Actually, I’m gonna have to say Thorn for both.
None of her helices are bad, her ult is amazing, her passive is insanely useful, she has a slowing aoe dot, and lifesteal with great mobility. Only weakness is low health



Only weakness is vs Boulder because of his insane health and Caldarius because not even slow effects his mobility. As soon as that gets patched, just Boulder.

-can spec to 30% damage reduction
-True strike provides extra mobility, dodging potential and can tech cancel push backs
-Teleport anywhere
-one of the fastest attackers (regarding attack speed)
-AOE Ult that lasts awhile
-Can Silence
-One of the best Slows in game

Edit- I don’t use legendaries but with them she can be a 1v1 Demon


Easily Kleese and Miko.

PvP Galilea as Melee, Thorn as ranged.

PvE Oscar Mike. Just too easy with him.

Interesting. Most people consider her average if not bad. I guess because she doesn’t have a stun, but that doesn’t matter when you melt them.

Kleese is one I expected. Extremely strong in most regards, except escape. But who needs to escape when you have one of the most durability in the game. Miko makes sense. How would you tone him down to average levels? A decrease in healing or stun?

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PVP: Galilea

It’s a really tough one, but I feel Gali beats the others out purely on how devastating she can be. Up until 5 on her helix, she can still deal damage but it’s tame compared to what happens afterwards. 5 upwards sees Gali become a monster who is capable of dealing A TONNE damage. I can die a couple of times but once I hit number 5 - by which time I’ll have my selected gear all bought up - it just becomes really fun match as I slay everything in my path, minions or Battleborn or Thrall.

2) Honorable Mention: Attikus

Attikus will die a hundred times and make you look bad, but at least he can deal an insane amount of damage and once you hit 10 and use his shockwave… it’s game over. Attkus is perfect in Meltdown as he can demolish minions in seconds and can handle his own in Incursion. In Capture, he is pretty good too. I love Attikus a lot but in terms of damage I feel Galiliea and Attikus are tie, with Gali edging out simply because Attukus likes to die more than I would like.

3) Honorable Mention: Reyna

Reyna is becoming one of my favourite characters to work with. She isn’t strong damage-wise, but as a healer and shielder, she’s incredible. Once you can heal allies and give them better buffs, you can definitely become a threat. When I see a team has Reyna, I know it’s going to be a tough fight and I’ve rarely found a Reyna who doesn’t do her job well. She might not quality for “THE STRONGEST” Battleborn but I still feel she is strong in other ways, and that deserves her a spot in the honorable mentions at the very least.

PVE: Anyone, but mostly Kleese

I’ve killed the Last Sentinel in minutes, defeated waves of enemies with his energy rifts and it’s near impossible to [mess] up “The Renegade” with him. He’s just that good.

1) Honorable Mention: Ambra

If you build Ambra well enough, through skill or attack damage, she can be crazy good. Damage aside, her healing might not make her the strongest healer (that would be Miko) but due to her recent buffs, Ambra has went from the weakest character to one of the more threatening. Sucking the life out of people has never been more fun, and in PVE she can tear through waves of enemies without breaking a sweat (heh).

2) Honorable Mention: Alani

I’m totally biased as I love everything about her, but she is capable of dealing quite a lot of damage in her own way. She’s also sturdy, which isn’t a word used much. She can handle a few beatings and as a healer she can do quite a lot, but maybe not as much as Miko or Ambra. I love her in PVE and in PVP, but I tend to go for her in PVE simply because of her maneuverability. I feel like I can take down waves of enemies quickly and be a great team-player.

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I agree strongly with you. Except maybe El Dragõn instead of Galilea but from what I hear that may be just me

Your assessments are strong. And I actually build Ambra with a white healing, white skill, and Symbiotic Gauntlet, so you pretty much hit the nail on the head for me

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Whatever Battleborns most of the teams who faced me this weekend chose.

It was a rough one, guys.



Yup, she is also one of the best 1v1-ers out there. Attikus may give some trouble but do-able. Boulder and attikus (a good one) will give you the most trouble

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Ive been saying they need to remove the fact he can heal indefinitely and give him a capacity and he will be balanced.

Yes, that makes sense. Well, maybe this is too complicated, but I’d like it to be where one person can’t be healed forever, but if you spread the heals, you can still manage to heal nonstop as long as you switch. But that seems overly complicated so just giving him a Kleese like meter is better

There will be bloody revolts if Miko’s healing gets messed with.

I think Phoebe and Caldarius.

Caldarius because of his mobility and ulti.

Phoebe is an assassin that can easily kill and run.


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Nobody said Ernest? Really? Can cheese, sustain, push, has a great escape imo, and deals ridiculous damage even to shielded enemies. No sustain, but doesn’t require it.

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Easily hands down kleese. Kleese has insane burst damage with his mortars with that level 2 helix that damn taser that rips you apart and insane hp.

My votes go to Phoebe, Rath, Melka, or Caldarius. All of them have High damage and high mobillity. Melka and Caldarius are mid range characters that can stay out of melee range and easily dodge any attack at them, for longer ranged characters they can stay close and let their bullets fly or go up close and personal to kill them. Rath, in any 1v1 post level 5 he just needs to land his silence then its game over for the other person (Excludes Boldur and Galilea, but Rath shouldn’t try to combo kill these characters, he needs to use his skills more strategically he should be able to kill them though). Phoebe can close the distance and if you know how to use her true strike you can avoid most damage unless it is Galilea or Rath because of their area melee attacks.

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? You said he could sustain and then said he couldn’t. And I think it’s just that he’s not amazing in one v one against melees and Ghalt if you don’t take the slow and accelerator, which most people I’ve seen do. Otherwise, I agree with you. He is a little too strong. I think at the very least they should make it so his power egg doesn’t buff through walls. Way too strong