Strongest boss killers?

I just started TVHM with Aurelia, but im kind of looking ahead to who i want to play next. How would you rank the characters in terms of dealing with the bosses and raid bosses. I like to usually have one character i play general content with, and then another character for dealing specifically with bossess.

Anyways, would love some thoughts.

athena, followed by nisha.

Okay interesting. Care to maybe give some advice on what makes them boss killers for a laymen like me (build, gear etc.)?

Athena: high Elemental damage and FR with maelstrom stacks, which also cause her to never consume Ammo or need to reload. Noteworthy that she’s harder to play as she needs to manage her stacks.

Nisha: Tombstone (kill skill) makes it so EVERYTHING can crit, including Rockets, flakker shots, etc, even when you don’t hit Crits. Super easy.

Distant Third: Claptrap has a skill called One Last Thing, which is basically a moneyshot that works on guns with splash and the flakker. Relatively easy, not nisha levels, though.

Jack and Aurelia are somewhat similar as they can do a lot of damage but a lot of it is reliant on hitting crits, but in general they’re not as easy or effective as the other three. Both also have high potential ridiculous stacking mechanics that are unwieldy to build up and are easy to lose.

Wilhelm doesn’t like bosses…he can do them, sure but he’s really, really slow, ESPECIALLY if he can’t Crit them.

First off, there are two insanely fast speed kills for Athena in the Athena category.

Second, simply put, with some correct setup, you can stack to 999 stacks extremely fast, and with 11/5 on Unrelenting and 5/5 on Storm Weaving, you get insanely fast fire rate, heavily boosted elemental damage, and ZERO ammo consumption, which allows you to spam the strongest weapon ridiculously fast at zero ammo cost.

#TL:DR; Hyperion Shotguns and Rocket Launcher spams

nisha has a ton of base gun damage, crit, and fire rate increases. she also has a skill that makes everything crit. while athena deals more sustained DPS, nisha has better burst DPS.

+1 on Athena and Nisha. I don’t really play Nisha though, and have had some insanely fast kills with Claptrap so I’ll mention him. Plus he’s really fun to play. Triple clocked explosive routine funzerking with my glitch Casual Ravager(s)? Yes please.