Strongest Chronicler of Elpis?

Based on the skills boosted, which character benefits the most with a Chronicler of Elpis COM? And what other gear would you suggest to be used alongside one?

Probably Wilhelm. Chronicler of Elpis + Absolute Zero is absolutely a thing and it absolutely wrecks face. Not to mention all the perks boosted by Chronicler of Elpis in Wilhelm is actually good.

Oh yeah, forgot about Aurelia too. Hers is pretty good too.

Aurelia since she is the only character I use a CoE on. And for weapons a cryo Snider and Company Man.

Not that the others aren’t good too, but her’s is the strongest IMO.

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Aurelia, she has a whole tree catered to the element the CoE boosts, and the skills on hers are absolutely amazing. Its her highest DPS COM, so I think that should win it some brownie points. :grinning:

Heavy cryo investment on Aurelia is good in mobbing situations, but it doesn’t seem to perform as well on raids. I’m looking for a healthy balance. Have you seen @Derch’s Deputy build for her? Pretty amazing stuff = ]

Jack’s COE is pretty amazing

Dude I don’t even know what you’re asking for any more. Strongest CoE com, raid com for Aurelia, or just promoting Deputy Aurelia.

nisha has a pretty good CoE com. buffs some good skills, but is outperformed by the crapshooter in most scenarios. its nice for mobbing and cryo-swapping though.

Looks like the dude wants an all-purpose COM for Aurelia ranging from mobbing to raiding.

OP, I’m going to let you know this: at least for Aurelia, said COM doesn’t exist.

For other characters like jack, Athena and Nisha, those kinds of COMs do exist. But not for Aurelia.

I know but he didn’t change the subject or the tread title. He just said 3 random things, “like who cares about Aurelia having the strongest CoE com it can’t raid, oh how about this, and have you heard of this.”

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Lol I’m a mess

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