Structure Shields and ranged fire

Shields on all purchased structures should have increased resistance to ranged fire, like an extra drop off penalty. The ability to quickly destroy these from insane ranges reduces their efficiency so drastically you may as well be paying shards to level your enemy. Certain maps are worse than others, but Meltdown is pretty bad where some ranged characters can take out your structures without even leaving their base. Accelerators are often sniped before the minions even get close to them.
Since this only applies to shields, you’d need to fully invest in a structure to benefit and at that point it would either take significantly more attention from ranged characters to destroy them, or they’ll need to approach closer even to the point of having to BE IN THE LANE. This would also make Melee a little more viable against structures since currently thumpers and accelerators are very dangerous engagements. AoE fields could also use some toning down in this regard, an 1100 shard structure can be sniped in seconds or a Napalm/Blight field could be tossed on it casually and it will be destroyed.

This would also shift a little more value to spending shards on structures instead of powerful equipment, and taking some power away from people with better equipment is always a good thing.


I feel like the shields on structures should have the same recharge delay and rate as the character’s shields. They never seem to even get a chance to recharge, and when they do it’s almost pointless. The next wave will sweep in before it recharges substantially. That would help with the issues you’ve presented, and would work in well with adding in a drop off penalty. I’m getting pretty over investing 1200 shards to get a turret to tier 3, only die a minute later and have it gone by the time I’ve respawned

As it is now i usually dont even bother building stuff on PvP other than health stations, they dont really provide much dmg for the little time they actually stay up.
They simply dont feel worth the shards and free XP to the opposing team, ive been seeing too that many people dont even care about getting shards after getting all their gear.
They really should rework buildables on PvP.