Struggling with Gaige

I’m not entirely sure what I can do to help myself out here. I seem to struggle more than others do (though granted, most people I play with are gunzerkers) with killing enemies/dps.
Alot of people have told me Gaige can be a complicated character to use, but she can be very, very effective.
Of course she can be with her anarchy skill, but considering I have problems effectively killing things, my anarchy stacks usually don’t exactly pile up…
Any advice or recommended builds? I really need help, as I seem to be stuck in more of a support role rather than an active participant.
I even have toooonnnns of gear and still don’t seem that helpful in a team setting.
What can I do?


I recommend consulting Resources of the Mecromancer Variety if you haven’t already. You will find links to Gaige’s skills as well as recommended Builds and even Equipment recommendation, among other things. You might find something useful there that helps you enjoy the character more.

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Care to post your build? Also, what exactly is happening? If you’re actually running with Gunzerkers (who are likely to be working a Grog Nozzle and a DPUH?), they will be setting a damage/survivability bar that will be tough to match (which is fine - that’s Salvador’s role). In this case, they’ll be stealing your kills and won’t otherwise need you for support? If you fly solo, do you still have a problem getting around?

Since you seem to be seeking advice more than co op, I am going to move your thread to Gaige sub-category.
You’ll find much more advice and helpful threads here.

Best of luck, friendo!

Ahhh sorry about that, I’m kinda’ new here.


Also, you’re right, that tends to happen which is of course understandable because Salvador is such a tank.
But I struggle just as much on my own.
If it gives you further insight, I run op levels-? I am unable to do high ops because I simply cannot survive.
I just want to be able to carry myself and provide solid support rather than, well, not.

To me, it looks like you are trying to do too much with your spec, you need to recongisee that you cannot get everything and make some decisions about what you do and do not want to do.

For example: it sounds to me like you are trying to just jump into combat without gathering at least a few stacks before hand, and that is certainly a thing you can do, but I Highly recomend you at least grab Rational Anarchist if you want to do that, the early stacks are super useful, however, if you want to stick with a DT focused build with Sharing is Caring and Make it Sparcle, you need to recognise that if you want to have a good time, you’re going to have to grab a few stack off the test dummy before you hop into combat.

TL;DR: your build needs more focus, you need to choose if you want to go DT focused or prioritise your own damage.

Also, what gear you’re trying to use would also be helpful, just names are fine.

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[quote=“coffinprincess, post:7, topic:1170978”]I run op levels-? I am unable to do high ops because I simply cannot survive.[/quote]They are, by definition, very difficult, but can be used to soften the game up when flying solo if they’re not your cup of tea.

Like Wingsday says, I would consider consolidating skill points into those skills that you use most. For example, take the four points from Shock Storm, and add one to Close Enough, one to Blood Soaked Shields (which should open up the next level), one in Rational Anarchist, and the other, well, anywhere. Shock Storm looks pretty cool, but it takes an unusual amount of coordination to get enemies close enough together to make the damage spread.

Do you have a Little Evie pistol? If so, consider dropping points from 20% Cooler and (when Deathtrap’s timer runs out) using the Little Evie to make up that difference. His timer is long enough that you actually have enough time to drop some enemies with the pistol to benefit from the cooldown (plus it’s shock, so her middle tree will buff it).

Are you playing with BAR on?

You’re probably right.
Considering I myself am dying and my DT can plow through things effortlessly, perhaps I need to build on myself instead.
Current gear I use or swap around are

  1. Rustler’s Interfacer (corrosion) and/or Practicable Conference Call (slag)
    (changed depending on situation)
  2. Derp (for second wind or if i need it)
  3. Slagga
  4. Florentine or shock tattler
    Mostly depend on shotgun because accuracy isn’t a huge factor and good damage output.
    I haven’t decided on a solid shield yet, but i currently have a Bee equipped.
    Bone of the ancients.
    Legendary Mechromancer
    Shock storm front

[quote=“coffinprincess, post:10, topic:1170978”]but i currently have a Bee equipped.[/quote]That gear should be doing pretty well except the Bee. I’d carry it with me, and once I was sure that the enemies were all focused on Deathtrap (or my gunzerking buddies), then I’d put it on. Do you have a Flame of the Firehawk, Black Hole, or Hide of Terramorphous shield? They are all great for Gaige:

  • The Flame of the Firehawk will often fire non-stop when given to Deathtrap because he will fly right into the middle of the fracas, and enemies will be firing on him, resetting the delay.
  • The Hide of Terramorphous has Spike, Roid, and Nova damage - all great for Deathtrap’s routine.
  • The Black Hole’s singularity pulls enemies closer to Deathtrap (both for the explosion and melee damage). Plus it’ll be buffed by shock damage enhancements in your tree, and if you get a kill with it (and have +5 in Blood Soaked Shields), it will instantly reset if it kills something.

I do not believe I have that pistol. Truthfully, I don’t have a whole lot of pistols in general.

I am indeed playing with bar on, though I have never really, really looked into that whole area before.

Ah, Ninja’d -.- just do what ada said

Those are all shields, as a side note, if you don’t have any of those, the best roid shield you can find should work for now.

Another not about your Gear: you should commit to slagging with the Slagga or slag nades or whatever metod you choose, and then drop the rest of the slag out of your kit, any other element will do signifiantly more damage against slaged targets than will slag. (specificaly, dont use the florentine, the tattler, unless severly underleveled, is undoubtedly sperior)

I just now equipped Hide of Terramorphous. Thank you for the advice. I need to go get the Firehawk shield evidently, because that sounds intense with deathtrap!

This is true. Thank you as well.
Is there a certain set build you could recommend for Gaige with Deathtrap support, rather than my Deathtrap with Gaige support… (so it seems, anyway, aha)

Deathtrap tends to do his own thing, so his role as support is largely limited to distraction (Make it Sparkle can slag enemies for you, and there is always Buck Up). If there’s a particular special attack that he has that you prefer, only select that one. I, for example, find that Robot Rampage is his most productive offensive skill (especially combined with Make It Sparkle). If you absolutely need enemies to die (and I wouldn’t consider this in co-op unless you were very up front about it with your friends), give him a Love Thumper shield, and stand back. When he fires Robot Rampage while the explosive roid damage is up, very few things survive that attack.

this thread from the old forums is a good place to start for a pretty standard build, fair warning, it is a different setup than over here.

if you want to use the links, first check the URL, if the second part refers to a site other than the Gearbox forums, just delete the part that looks like:

and you should be good to go. However, if the sedond part of the URL refers t othe gearbox forums, you can try changing where it says “forums” in to “oldforums” but you may just be SOL.
Try this- Electrical Burn and Evil Enchantress provide great synergy where Shock Storm doesn’t. I like both The Stare and Shock and AAAGGGGHHH! but Strength of 5 Gorillas gets a com boost (as does Interspersed Outburst). Gaige rocks shotguns and AR’s- The Better Half really doesn’t benefit most shotguns as they have such small magazines. L. Catalyst would be my first go to for a class mod but some of the other legendary mods like L. Anarchist or L. Mechromancer would hit most of their skills with this build- just be aware that L. Roboteer applies its melee damage to Gaige, not DT (which is why I left it off). Hope it helps…:sunglasses: Edit: tweaked the build to get 4/5 Blood Soaked Shields- forgot to do that this morning…

@coffinprincess: Re. your build:

Can you remove the guesswork and fill that in here without the COM boosts?:

On a side note, this is my GP build and loadout:
Build 1:
Build 2 (alt.):

  • [1/Up] either an AR or an x2 pistol
  • Kitten, Hail/Lead Storm
  • Twin Hornet, Dubble Gub
    • Alternative: E-Tech rocket launcher
  • [2/Left] SMG or x2 pistol (if pistol wasn’t used in slot #1)
  • Bladed Tattler (acid_fire), Consummate Florentine, Stopping Lascaux, Hefty Avenger (acid_fire)
  • [3/Right] Shotgun
  • Deliverance (acid_fire) or Blockhead
  • [4/Down] Sniper Rifle
  • Gentleman’s Storm
    • Alternative: Lv50 Logan’s Gun (with ETRL)
  • [G] Longbow Quasar; alternatively, you can use a Slag Singularity with either a Lobbed or Longbow prefix. All must have as low a fuse time as possible.
  • [S] The Sham
  • [M] varies; usually Legendary Roboteer (with 49.0% Proficiency relic)
  • [R] varies depending on the mod