Struggling with Maya at OP5

Hi all. I’ve pretty much breezed through to OP5, but the OP5 run is kicking my backside. Had a wipe at my traditional wipe place (the area you drop down to, after the Bone Head area), which is more stupidity than anything else.

I just got wiped out in the Assassins part. I’d killed 2, then that bot spawned, killed that and then whichever Assassin it is that facehumps you (never can remember who is who) did so, and I went down. Now I don’t doubt if I rerun it now I can probably do it no problem, I was a little careless, but already i’m seeing that I may struggle later on in levels.

My build is this:

Using a Legendary Siren COM, Longbow Storm Front, Corrosive Bone, Corrosive Pimpernel and Sandhawk, Hammer Buster/ DPUH (interchangeable) and a Grog in the 4th slot for emergency healing.

I’m dealing with the mobs and stuff just fine, I guess that’s a Maya thing. I switch to a Blurred Trickster COM for the Scorch/Black Queens fights, as it seems to speed those fights up a lot.

I realise that the 4 points in Flicker aren’t advisable, I don’t use that on my normal build, however I was thinking that it’d be more useful in the peak than Immolate, when FFYL is probably starting again with or without it. I know I could do 1 point and 3 in Immolate, maybe I will do that.

Just any general tips guys?

i solo the peak with maya, the hardest parts by far are the assassins due to how squishy you are. dukinos mom isnt too bad if you have a decent cat com, i go legendary siren for everything else

i mainly use a flying non-elemental sand hawk with the bee and switch to a corrosive flying version for armored enemies. if i get low on ammo i switch to a dpuh or pimpernel, but i rarely need to

for the assassins, SINGULARITY grenades can be very helpful. i throw several of them after my first phase lock wears off. it pays to learn exactly where they spawn and usually prioritize reeth the psycho. he can throw his fire over the cover in the area and rush you down at bad times. singularitys help at other times too im still using a 72 quasar at OP 8

your build could work, maya has a lot of personal preference skills. i take quicken instead of scorn, i feel ruin gives me plenty of slag with about 120 CDR. if i do get caught with phase lock on CD i just toss a quasar or slag singularity


Thanks for your input and advice. I don’t bother with quicken purely because the amount of cooldown I get from the Legendary Siren + Bone of the Ancients makes it somewhat redundant, and I like scorn for the peak (I don’t use it outside of the peak) for showing me where enemies are when they are behind cover. I managed to finish OP5 so i’ll farm some new gear before I move on.

Not much time at the moment, but HD’s great guide is here

This is the post specifically for OP5-6

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Singularity grenades are your best friends. Ideally shock, to strip enemy shields. I breeze through that area, simply because I control it. Singularities are key to that.

Edit: I realize that I may have sounded arrogant with, “I breeze through”, but the intent was really more like this…

“Some day, everyone is going to realize that singularities are a key to breezing through the Peak, and everybody will breeze through.”

I am not special. I just figured out that the Peak is about control.


at this point I would consider you a “specialist” in regards to conquering the peak. Sound advice…



Does anyone on Xbox One have an OP6 (or lower) Quasar I could borrow?

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yes. I have an op6 i think. I hope i kept it. it was perfect, zero fuse time longbow.

edit: I will be onlin in about 1.5 hours.

That’d be great! I can either trade for it (although I don’t have much) or borrow it, I only want it for the last few peak runs :slight_smile:

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hmmmm. I like your style. :smirk: you can borrow it. Done! lol

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Well I know i’ll get one to drop as soon as I don’t need it so figured borrowing will suffice :smiley:

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I haven’t checked today, but I requested membership to your borderlands club on the xbone. did you approve me? or have you checked? I am clueless on how this works. never been a part of a club on xboxlive.

I accepted aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago :stuck_out_tongue: or whenever it was you applied. That’s right… The membership fee is that Quasar… is a genius :wink:


I have a Shock and Corrosive Pimpernel at OP6, which is better for all the peak, or should I be switching?

only that element is important for the peak.

for max efficiency swapping would be good for shield stripping,but the quasar I’m about to bestow upon you will do that job nicely. so no need for weapon swapping.

Simple version : shock on spiderants ( including Scorch and Black Queen ). Corrosive on everything else.

In HD’s OP that I linked above is a link to a thread of mine that has more info.

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Yeah, I currently am using a Storm Front for that, the Quasar is mainly for an easier time with assassins.

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R.I.P. Maya :cry:
Dukino’s Mom can Four Cough.

Edit: I give up.

Go corrosive for the peak all day long. Ran from OP6 to OP8 running a corrosive pimp/corrosive sandy. Chain Reaction with Maya is brutal! Grog with chain lightning for health, Legendary Cat COM, corrosive bone relic.

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